Undergraduate Programs


B.S.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a diverse, dynamic and exciting field. Mechanical engineers have wide-ranging technical backgrounds and a high potential for employment with mobility and professional growth. They apply creative knowledge to solve critical problems in many areas, from bioengineering to transportation. 

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B.S.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Specialization)

In addition to the standard Mechanical Engineering curriculum, students will complete coursework in engineering leadership and entrepreneurship. This program enables students to satisfy the requirements for a Mechanical Engineering degree while preparing them for management roles in engineering.

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B.S.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering (Premedical Biomedical Specialization)

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers a B.S.M.E. degree with a premedical/biomedical specialization. This program enables students to satisfy the premedical or predental requirements for admission to medical or dental school, while at the same time satisfying the requirements for an accredited degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

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Mechanical Engineering Minor

For approval of a minor in Mechanical Engineering, students are encouraged to consult the department. The five courses representing a minor provide a broad introduction to Mechanical Engineering. Based on the student’s interests and background, other sets of Mechanical Engineering courses may be substituted with the department’s approval.

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