Message from the Chair

Dinesh Rajan

Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the oldest, most vibrant fields in engineering. Advances in this area have revolutionized our lifestyle and are a prime enabler of the sophisticated technological society that we live in today. Lyle’s academic and research offerings continue this push toward tackling global problems. Our Electrical and Computer Engineering students will become the innovators of tomorrow, with a bright future of transforming ideas into reality even as they tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

In Lyle’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, we believe research and teaching are two sides of one tapestry. Our academic programs and educational curricula are continually evolving to reflect changing technological needs. Undergraduate students are exposed to, and participate in, hands-on research in their first year. The department provides a holistic learning experience covering both fundamental theories and extensive experimental opportunities. Our faculty and students are focused on innovative and cutting-edge research in the following major areas: analog and digital circuit design, novel antenna architectures, photonics, signal processing and wireless networking. Further areas of active research include biomedical instrumentation and signal processing, VLSI circuits and board design, semiconductor laser design and fabrication, quantum computing, digital integrated circuit testing and Trojan detection, photonic systems, advanced wireless networks, multimedia signal processing and advanced digital camera development.

The diverse student population in our department is inquisitive, eager to learn and encouraged to embrace risk. Together, faculty and students bring the first-class facilities of our engineering department to life utilizing its exceptional educational and research laboratories. As a result of Lyle’s outstanding technical, professional and leadership development, our graduates are placed in leading industry positions around the world

I invite you to visit our campus and become a part of our team as we strive to fulfill our vision.


Dinesh Rajan

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Chair