About Lyle Electrical and Computer Engineering

The discipline of Electrical and Computer Engineering is at the core of today’s technology-driven society. Personal computers, computer-communications networks, integrated circuits, optical technologies, digital signal processors and wireless communications systems have revolutionized the way people live and work. Extraordinary advances in these fields are announced every day.

Lyle prepares students to be creative by providing a solid background in the fundamentals of science and engineering without compromising the practical aspects of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Essential entrepreneurial know-how, interpersonal skills and an understanding of the importance of lifelong learning complement the educational experience of students at SMU. Lyle Electrical and Computer Engineering students will leave the program with not only a wide-ranging technical background but also professional and social leadership proficiency that employers seek and require when hiring new graduates.

The department offers a wide range of graduate degrees in unique areas of study, such as a professionally-oriented master’s degree in Telecommunications and Network Engineering, which prepares students for leadership roles in emerging industries that enable the next generation of network connectivity