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1968 Homecoming: Bob Hope kissing queen

Southern Methodist University Campus Memories

Campus Memories highlights some of our most popular images of campus places.  Find images of Presidents, faculty, and students. Check out the vintage videos, too.

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Image of early SMU Times newspaper

Southern Methodist University Student Newspapers

1915 – 1963

The Daily Campus is available online from 1915 to 1963. Thanks to the Friends of the SMU Libraries for their support for this project.

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Ruth Morgan

Southern Methodist University Video Archive Series

72 videotaped oral histories by leading administrators, faculty, staff, and others with significant ties to the University, whose careers spanned many decades at SMU.

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Rotunda Yearbooks

Rotunda Yearbooks

Search the pages of nearly 100 years of SMU Rotunda yearbooks online. This special offering is made possible by Richard Ware '68 as part of The Second Century Celebration.
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