MBA Admissions

Students meeting in Fall

Full-Time MBA Admissions

Application Deadlines - Fall 2019 Entry

Round 1: October 15, 2018

Round 2: December 3, 2018

Round 3: January 7, 2019

Round 4: March 4, 2019 (final deadline for international applicants)

Round 5: April 29, 2019*

*Rolling admissions following April 29, 2019

Application Process / Checklist

Your application, supporting documents, and personal interview are very important in the selection process. We hope that you will provide us with the most complete and honest picture of yourself. After candidate applications are completed, submitted, and reviewed by the Cox MBA Admissions Committee, evaluative interviews are conducted by invitation only.

Your complete application will contain the following components:

  • Application forms found in the online application
  • Professional résumé
  • Essays (more information about essays below)
  • GMAT or GRE score taken within the last five years
  • Degreed undergraduate transcripts
  • If applicable: TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearson Test of English score taken within the last two years (see International Applicants section for more information)
  • Two professional references (names and contact information only, no letters) - people who can speak to your work-related skills and abilities
  • Please note we do not have an application fee - please submit an application as soon as you are ready!

While we can accept unofficial copies of scores and transcripts, if offered admission to Cox, you are required to submit official GMAT/GRE scores, official TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores (as applicable), and official transcripts. The GMAT school code for Cox MBA is HWG-KN-06 and GRE school code is 6660. Visit our Educational Experience page for more information on how to send official transcripts to the Admissions Office. Cox reserves the right to rescind an offer of admission should any misrepresentation occur.

For additional admissions criteria and tips on completing the application process, please visit Admissions Criteria

Application FAQ Webinar


Candidates who wish to re-apply and have submitted an application within the past year should contact the admissions office at before beginning the process. The admissions team will confirm possession of your previous application file and determine the submission requirements you will need.

Student Profile

SMU Cox is a diverse microcosm representative of the world’s best and brightest minds. We actively seek diverse individuals with differing perspectives who can contribute to broadening their peers’ exposure to varying insights. By design, we recruit students with diverse educational backgrounds, work experiences, and personal aspirations and who are all strongly committed to advancing their careers.

Class of 2019
Total Class Size
Avg GMAT   661
GMAT Range (Middle 80%)  

600 - 720

Avg GRE   313
GRE Range (Middle 80%)   306-323
Avg GPA   3.33
GPA Range (Middle 80%)   2.9 - 3.7
Avg Yrs of Work Experience   5
Yrs of Work Experience Range (Middle 80%)   2.5 - 8
Avg Age   28
% International (Non-U.S. citizen)   16%
% Women   33%
% Minorities   11%

To All Applicants

The Cox MBA Admissions Committee strongly encourages you to use the Cox MBA Online Application. All of your information is kept strictly confidential and is protected by your own user ID and password. Once you have completed and submitted your application online, we will download the information for review. We wish you all the best during your application process!

Application essay topics for Fall 2018 admission:

Please note that not all essays are required for all applicants. Only answer questions that are specific to your program type.

1. (All applicants) What are your post-MBA goals upon graduation? Please be as specific as possible, which might include desired roles, target companies, and/or industry. (250 word limit)

2. (All applicants) In three words, how would a coworker or professional mentor describe you? In three words, how would your closest personal friend describe you? (six word limit) 

3. (Full-Time, Fast Track, JD/MBA students only) Think of an event that has changed your perspective in the last three years. Describe how this event has impacted your personal or professional outlook. (250 word limit)

4. (Full-Time, Fast Track MBA applicants only) Business is an ever changing and evolving entity. Individual's plans and interests can change as a result of industry downturns and/or emergence of new opportunities. Keeping an open mind while navigating your career is an essential component of success. Should the short-term goals you provided above not materialize, what alternative direction would you explore? (250 word limit)


Only Masters of Arts dual degree candidates (MA/MBA) need to answer questions 5 and 6.

5. (MA/MBA students only) How do you plan to make an impact on the arts/non-profit community and how specifically would your graduate education help you do so? (250 word limit)

6. (MA/MBA students only) Tell us about a time in the past three years your opinion about an arts/non-profit organization was changed and how. (250 word limit) 


There is one optional essay for applicants who feel they need to address issues not otherwise covered in the application (poor undergraduate grades, low test score, etc). This essay is only recommended for students who feel the rest of the application does not adequately share an important piece of information.