Pay Plan

All classified jobs are assigned to a specific pay grade. The following links provide the salary ranges for each of the pay grades. Range minimums, midpoints, and maximums are shown as yearly, monthly, and hourly figures. Ranges are typically updated every other year, keeping pace with industry standards.

Most departments on campus have 37.5-hour per week schedules, which annualizes to 1,950 hours per year. A few deparments on campus have 40.0-hour per week schedules, which annualizes to 2,080 hours per year. Although the yearly and monthly figures do not change between the different schedules, hourly rate calculations change based upon the number of hours worked per week. Choose the link below that corresponds to your standard work hours per week.

1950 hours per year or 37.5 hours per week

2080 hours per year or 40.0 hours per week

Salary Ranges Effective: June 1, 2019