Hiring Temporary Staff

Temporary Staff

An employee who works in a non-benefits eligible staff position for a specified and limited period of time. Temporary assignments may be used for limited-duration project work, staffing shortages, workload peaks, or to provide coverage for an employee on leave. 

Temporary staff are not eligible for University benefits. Temporary employees (not hired via Kelly Services) are limited to 29 hours per week. 

SMU students not enrolled in classes for the summer may be paid as a Temporary Staff employee for summer only. If a student is being paid as a temporary staff for the summer, they must abide by the temporary staff guidelines. International students are also subject to these temporary staff guidelines when paid as a Temporary Staff for the summer.

Temporary Assignment Limits

Temporary assignments should be for a limited duration, should not exceed 3 months, and may be extended for up to an additional 3 months with approval from the appropriate Vice President and the Department of Human Resources. In no case shall a temporary assignment exceed 12 consecutive months.

Kelly Services

 Kelly Services is SMU's preferred provider for temporary staffing services and solutions. Since 1946, the world’s most respected institutions have turned to Kelly for strategic and innovative staffing solutions. Their portfolio enables them to meet staffing needs across all departments, from office to IT, service to healthcare, and many more.

All temporary employees should be hired via Kelly Services. If Kelly Services is not able to hire the temporary employee, HR will contact the department to discuss options for hiring the temporary employee. 

The department must complete a Request for Hire a Temporary Staff Employee (Word or PDF). Please e-mail the form to the Kelly Services on-site manager. 

If the department is hiring a temporary employee for a regular staff position, the form must be approved by the Vice President/Dean/Athletic Director. Budget authority approval is required on all request to hire a temporary staff employee. 

First Day Processing for Temporary Staff 

Kelly Services will contact the temporary employee to provide instructions for first day processing. 

First Day Processing for Temporary Staff (not hired via Kelly Services)

Temporary employee will process in with HR on their first day.

The department must:

  • Provide the New Temporary Staff Employee Packet
  • Ensure that the temporary employee visits the Department of Human Resources to complete a Form I-9 on the first day of work
  • Submit the electronic Hire/Rehire form. The electronic Hire/Rehire Forms (formerly called "ePAF's") are accessible in my.SMU, under Manager Self Service.

Request to Hire_Temporary Staff Employee

New Employee Packet - Temporary Staff