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Hiring Temporary Staff

Temporary Staff

An employee who works in a non-benefits eligible staff position for a specified and limited period of time. Temporary assignments may be used for limited-duration project work, staffing shortages, workload peaks, or to provide coverage for an employee on leave. This does not include student workers.

Similar to regular staff, they may work on a part-time or full-time basis. Temporary staff are not eligible for University benefits.

Temporary Assignment Limits

Temporary assignments should be for a limited duration, should not exceed 3 months, and may be extended for up to an additional 3 months with approval from the appropriate Vice President and the Department of Human Resources. In no case shall a temporary assignment exceed 12 consecutive months.


• Prior to the temporary employee’s first day of work, satisfactory completion of pre-employment (background) checks is required.

• All temporary staff employees must be paid on an hourly basis and must be paid at or above the federal minimum wage. Temporary staff employees are subject to overtime provisions of the federal Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA). Temporary staff employees must submit a completed time record for each bi-weekly period in which they work.

• The Payroll Authorization Form (PAF) for the Temporary Staff Employee must be submitted to Human Resources. The start and end dates listed on the PAF must match the start and end dates of the temporary assignment.

Temporary Categories

Temporary category for VP approval. This category requires the Request to Hire Temporary Staff Employee Form.

  1. Temporary Staff – Vacant Position/Temporary Business Need

Temporary categories without VP approval. These categories do not need the Request to Hire Temporary Staff Employee Form

  1. Temporary Staff – Occasional/As-Needed Basis
  2. Temporary Staff – Academic Related (tutor, advisor, etc.)
  3. Temporary Staff – Student (including non-SMU students)
  4. Temporary Staff – Short-term Assignment (one month or less)
  5. Temporary Staff – Paid from a Grant

Please refer to Temporary Staff Procedures & Guidelines for definitions and procedures for each category.

First Day Processing

Temporary employee will process in with HR on their first day. HR will collect the W-4 and Direct Deposit from the temporary employee, and then forward the PAF, W-4, and Direct Deposit to Payroll for processing.

The department must:

  • Provide the New Employee Packet - Temporary Staff
  • Ensure that the temporary employee visits the Department of Human Resources to complete a Form I-9 on the first day of work

Temporary Staff Procedures and Guidelines

Request to Hire: Temporary Staff Employee

New Employee Packet - Temporary Staff

Authorization and Consent for Release of Information

Payroll Authorization Form (PAF) for Adjunct Faculty and Temporary Employees