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The Meadows Scholars Program

In Their Words

"At SMU I’m able to partner my passion for dance with my intellectual curiosity and never have to sacrifice one for the other. I was heartbroken when I thought I would not be able to attend SMU because of financial reasons. I am eternally grateful for the Meadows Scholars award and those who make it possible for me to attend my top choice."
Caitlin Heflin, Nashville, TN
Majoring in Dance and Economics

"I chose to come to SMU because of the excellent reputation of the theatre program, but the Meadows Scholars award is what’s making it possible. Dallas has so much art to offer! I’m looking forward to the chance to be in theatre productions at Meadows and at the Dallas Theatre Center."
Jared Wilson, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Majoring in Theatre

"The Meadows Scholars Program has had a tremendous impact on the Meadows School of the Arts— consistently raising the already high caliber of these exceptional students at SMU and connecting them with our greater artistic community.  Linda and I feel fortunate to contribute to this program’s growth."
John McFarland

"The greatest reward of supporting this program is the relationship you form with your student.  It has been truly amazing for Mike and me to experience Meadows through the eyes of a talented student while watching her surpass her every expectation."
Carol Riddle

"The Meadows School of the Arts is training the artistic leadership of tomorrow.  Being part of the Meadows Scholars Program is an opportunity David and I cherish, and I believe this program is truly vital to the continued artistic excellence of not only North Texas, but of the arts as a whole."
Sara Martineau

The Meadows Scholars Program is an initiative at the Meadows School of the Arts to enable SMU and Dallas to compete nationally for the most talented and academically successful students in the arts and communications. Since the inception of the Meadows Scholars program in 2008, the number of qualified applicants has increased by over 400%, from 22 in 2008 to 126 in 2011. Increased support allows Meadows to award more scholarships to these impressive students— the difference is YOU! Any gift, at any level, makes an impact!

About Meadows Scholars

Meadows Scholars supporters may make a gift at any time during the year. Contributions to the Meadows Scholars Program are strengthening the arts and communications in Dallas in the following ways:

  • Meadows Scholars are among the most highly sought after students in the nation and receive competitive offers from institutions such as Harvard, Northwestern and the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. 
  • In its first four years, the Meadows Scholars Program has made it possible to recruit 60 of these exceptional students towards its initial goal of 80 students (20 per class) in the program, or 10 percent of the Meadows School undergraduate population. These students have an average SAT of 1418 and an average high school academic GPA of 3.80.
  • The Meadows Scholars Program creates an additional draw through scholarships that reach the tipping point in a student’s college decision, provide unique opportunities for community engagement, student research and international travel, and allow for exclusive access to events in Dallas’ world-renowned arts district.

Support the Meadows Scholars Program

Supporters who pledge $7,500 a year for four years, or who provide a permanent endowment of $150,000 (which may also be pledged over a period of up to five years), will be able to name a Meadows Scholar and meet them in the fall of 2012.

Named Annual Meadows Scholar: $30,000
May be pledged over four years

Named Endowed Meadows Scholar: $150,000
May be pledged over five years

Benefits include:

  • SMU Unbridled campaign credit
  • The opportunity to name, meet and/or mentor one of SMU’s outstanding Meadows Scholars!

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The Meadows Scholars Program

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