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B.A. in Fashion Media

Feature story produced by Fashion Media major for “The Look,” a student-produced show. Video by Daniela Huebner (B.A. Journalism ’16).

SMU’s Fashion Media program prepares students to enter the growing field of fashion media, an increasingly significant segment of the trillion-dollar international fashion industry. Fashion media careers include opportunities in journalism, blogging, social media, public relations and event planning, styling and fashion photography.

The fashion world has embraced social media, creating jobs for young media students with this skill set, while the rapid growth of fashion blogging has added another dimension to traditional fashion media formats. SMU’s Fashion Media program equips students with solid writing and critical thinking skills as well as the high-demand digital media skills that will make them competitive in today’s job market. Core fashion coursework emphasizes specialized study in fashion history and design theory as well as the economics of the fashion industry.

The Fashion Media program is housed in SMU’s Division of Journalism. Students can earn either a major, comprising 37 hours of coursework, or a minor, with 19 hours. The majority of Fashion Media courses are taught in Meadows divisions including Journalism, Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Advertising, Film & Media Arts, Art (Photography), and Art History.

Dallas’ profile as a fashion center offers a rich laboratory in which SMU’s Fashion Media students can sharpen their skills. One-credit-hour professional internships are available to all Fashion Media students as part of their coursework. Up to three hours of internship credit may be counted toward degree requirements for the major, however. Students must declare as a Fashion Media major/minor before they will be allowed to complete an internship for credit. All internships are taken on a Pass/Fail basis only.

To enter the Fashion Media program, students must first gain admission to the University. Additional requirements for the major include successful completion of an essay, grammar, spelling and punctuation test and a combined minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 (B or higher) in ENGL 1301 and 1302.

Program of Study

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Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours
UC/GEC Requirements varies

Introductory Core

  • JOUR 2103 Writing & Editing Lab
  • JOUR 2302 Ethics of Convergent Media
  • JOUR 2312 Reporting I

Written Media Skills(one from the following)

  • JOUR 2313 Reporting II
  • JOUR 3362 Magazine Writing
  • JOUR 3382 Feature Writing

Visual Media Skills

  • JOUR 2304 Basic Audio and Video Production

Digital Media Skills (one from the following)

  • ADV 3391 Creative Production for Non-Creative Track
    (Advertising majors may take ADV 3390.)
  • ASIM 1300 Creative Computation I
  • JOUR 3330 Digital Journalism

Critical Studies

  • ANTH 2301 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

  • One from the following
  • ANTH 3310 Gender and Sex Roles A Global Perspective
  • ARHS 1333 Introduction to Visual Culture
  • ARHS 3350 Modern Art and Media Culture
  • ARHS 3369 Contemporary Art 1965 – Present
  • JOUR 4360 Women and Minorities in the Media
  • COMM 3341 Ethnicity, Culture and Gender Introduction to Critical Studies in Communication
  • PSYC 3371 The Psychology of Women
  • SOCI 3345 Media Ethics and Gender
  • SOCI 3371 Sociology of Gender
  • WGST 2322 Gender Images and Perspectives

Advanced Core

  • MSA 3325 Fashion, Media and Culture
    (or THEA 2319 Fashion History and Culture)
  • JOUR 3327 Media and the Business of Fashion
  • JOUR 3326 Media and the Art of Fashion Design

Capstone* (one from the following)

  • ASPH 3300 Fashion Photography
  • JOUR 3370 Fashion Journalism
  • COMM 5304 Fashion Public Relations

Internship** (one from the following)

  • MSA 4125, 4225, or 4325

Second Language

  • Two terms of the same language.

Minor or Second Major and Free Electives

  • Hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements.

* Capstone ideally completes the student’s coursework, focusing on the discipline of her or his choice. To enroll in a capstone course, students must have completed both JOUR 2103 and 2312 with a grade of C- or higher.

** Students may enroll in directed studies (MSA 4110, 4210, or 4310) at the discretion of the fashion media program director, in lieu of completing a fashion media internship, or in special circumstances approved by the program director.

Areas of Study



Art History

Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship

Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

Creative Computation


Film and Media Arts


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B.A. in Fashion Media

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