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Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship

You have the talent to be a successful artist, but do you have the skills to start your own arts-related venture? If you can see yourself launching a gallery, creating your own dance company, running a piano studio, or kicking off an online digital music or media arts company, the Arts Entrepreneurship minor may be right for you. Finding a job as an artist is increasingly difficult for new graduates - so the Arts Entrepreneurship program prepares you to be your own artist.

This six-course minor provides an overview of how to develop and launch a new arts venture, either for-profit or nonprofit. You'll learn how to create work consistently, build a business plan, and identify funding to get your venture off the ground. No prerequisites required.

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Requirements for the Minor 18 Credit Hours
Core Requirements:
  • AMAE 3301 Introduction to Arts Management
  • AMAE 3305 Arts Budgeting and Financial Management
  • AMAE 3387 Attracting Capital: Donors, Investors and Public Funds
  • AMAE 4390 Developing an Arts Venture Plan: Legal, Strategic and Practical Issues
Elective Course (one from the following):
  • ADV 1300 (formerly 2374) Survey of Advertising
  • ADV 1360 (formerly 3391) Creative Production
  • ADV 2301 (formerly 4317) Consumer Behavior (restricted to advertising majors and minors)
  • AMAE 3322 Marketing the Arts
  • COMM 3355 Introduction to Public Relations
Additional Elective Course (one from the following):
  • AMAE 3370 Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure
  • AMAE 4321 Law and the Arts
  • AMAE 4375 Social Entrepreneurship
  • AMAE 4377 Accelerating A Start-up
  • ASAG 3350 Art Colloquium - New York
  • COMM 3360 Business and Management Communication
  • COMM 5302 Topics: Communication Consulting
  • FILM 4316 Producers Seminar
  • MNO 4371/CFB 3381 Leadership and Culture
  • MNO 3375/CFB 3375 Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership
Total Credit Hours 18

The Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship is administered by the Division of Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship.
Classes are taught by faculty from the divisions of Art; Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship; Advertising; Corporate Communication and Public Affairs; and Film & Media Arts. 18 hours.

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