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Fort Burgwin is an advocate for the care of the earth and its resources. Students have the opportunity to learn more about the environment and develop a respect for nature as they study the natural history of the area, the fossil record, the plant life, or the rugged but surprisingly fragile landscape. Sometimes this leads to preserving what is important from the past, as in the excavations at Pot Creek and their cooperative preservation of artifacts with local pueblos. At other times such advocacy can lead to exploration of new and innovative ways to handle old problems. Visitors of SMU-in-Taos are respectful of different cultures and perspectives and welcome engaging discussion to build community. They are champions of inclusivity and collaboration.



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The SMU-in-Taos campus provides a unique backdrop for your group to meet and experience engaging activities in a stunning natural environment that goes far beyond the usual meeting locale. We take pride in accommodating each group with the kind of personal care and attention you can only find on a small private campus like ours.

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Reflect. Refresh. Renew. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable weekend in the Land of Enchantment.

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