Why SMU-in-Taos?

For the Experience

SMU-in-Taos provides a unique experience for students away from the main campus where they can engage in experiential, personalized, hands-on collaboration with classmates and professors.

Taos is the place to be

SMU-in-Taos student Carlie Lara hikes through the New Mexico mountains

“Astounding adventures!”

Carlie Lara, Jan 2016

Student Tabitha Wolfe studies art during an SMU-in-Taos field trip

“Go outside of your comfort zone and sign up for things that seem a bit intimidating such as going to Taos, because the benefits can be extraordinary.”

Tabitha Wolfe, Attended May 2023

SMU-in-Taos student Nate Stelling stops on the bridge across the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos, NM.

Being able to immerse yourself in the culture and geography that you study in the classroom is a really special learning opportunity.

Nate Stelling attended May 2023, class of '24

SMU-in-Taos alumnus Lauren Cibrowski

“Some people say they go to Taos to ‘find themselves,’ and I’d venture to say everyone learns something about themself by attending.”

Lauren Cibrowski, Attended May 2023

Map of The SMU-in-Taos campus

Where is Taos, New Mexico?

  • 423-acre Ft. Burgwin campus just outside Taos (a small town in Northern New Mexico)
  • Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Carson National Forest
  • Travel to Taos
    • ~ 11-hour drive from Dallas
    • ~ 2-3 hour flight from Dallas

View the campus

Build Community

There are numerous opportunities to enroll in a short term or study in a different environment. However, SMU-in-Taos provides more than academic courses; it promotes community and collaboration through its community outreach, small student-teacher ratio, and communal lodging. SMU-in-Taos provides a unique campus for experiential learning and cultural immersion right here in the United States.