Benefits of Teaching in Taos

Extra Compensation

Teaching at SMU-in-Taos is done separately from one’s normal course load.  Full-time faculty are issued extra compensation for their work. Adjunct faculty typically receive the same fee they would receive from their department for teaching a course.  Faculty live on campus where room and board are provided for faculty. Travel costs are also reimbursed based on the current federal mileage rate (with mileage determined by distance from SMU’s Dallas campus to the SMU Taos campus).

Room and Board

Faculty live on campus where room and board are provided for faculty. 

SMU-in-Taos faculty member teaches a small group inside a casita on campus

“It is a renewing experience, and gets you closer to what teaching is all about.”

Bob Rasberry, Management

Two SMU-in-Taos faculty members sit on a picnic table discussing a book

“It's an opportunity to focus on learning and scholarship without distractions and to develop strong relationships with instructors.”

Lorelei Rowe, Psychology

Magical Location

Taos offers the perfect complement to the big city setting of Dallas. Enjoy beautiful mountain weather and views at our 423-acre campus in Taos, NM. Discover the fascinating intersection of cultures and history in the American Southwest. Explore Taos’ art, music, outdoor recreation and much more. Campus resources included brand new Miller Campus Center, library staffed by SMU librarian, on-campus OIT Specialist, shared faculty office with computers and free printing, biology and archaeology lab spaces, art barn for creative projects and chef-prepared meals.

SMU-in-Taos faculty members talk to students on the patio

"What a GREAT place for adventurous learning! Teaching art history during the 2016 Taos August term was one of the high points of my 30-year teaching career. The students, staff, and faculty colleagues could not have been better and the learning environment was fantastic."

Kathy Windrow, Art History faculty

Personal Growth

“I've been able to develop new courses and refine curricula, created new teaching partnerships, learned from colleagues and students, broadened my own knowledge of the Taos area and New Mexico, and thoroughly enjoyed myself in beautiful Taos.”

Carla Mendiola, History faculty member

“I believe 100% that it is a once in a life time experience for students and that they will learn things there that they could not learn any other way.”

Max Gunther, Psychology