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Thank you for your generous support of SMU-in-Taos! Your support will support the Friends of SMU-in-Taos Fund which provides scholarships for students to attend, plus operational funds necessary to keep campus running and for upkeep: enhanced technology for classrooms, renovating Common areas, vans for campus transportation, academic and recreational field trips, and more

What Our Students Say

SMU-in-Taos students sit by a mountain lake

“I have absolutely loved my time here! I have been able to meet people I probably would not have crossed paths with unless I came here. I got to experience so much of the Taos/NM culture and explore and immerse myself in nature.”

Student from Jan 2023


“I loved my class, the amazing people I was able to meet, and the gorgeous location where it all happened. I was able to get ahead in my degree and interact with people I normally would not talk to at SMU's Dallas campus. Thank you for allowing me to experience something I otherwise would not be able to!”

Diana Sanchez, Jan 2016

What Our Faculty Members Say

SMU-in-Taos students gather near a frozen waterfall

“Thank you so much for your gift. It is more than a gift of money, it is a gift of learning and the opportunity for a life-changing experience. I've been able to develop new courses and refine curricula, created new teaching partnerships, learned from colleagues and students, broadened my own knowledge of the Taos area and New Mexico, and thoroughly enjoyed myself in beautiful Taos.”

Carla Mendiola, History professor, Jan 2016


“Thank you so much for your support of the students and curriculum at SMU in Taos. As a faculty member, I observed not only these students benefiting and learning from the experience but also the faculty and their families. In particular, I can see the growth in each of my three children from being on the Taos campus. Honestly, SMU-in-Taos is a tremendous asset to the faculty, staff, and students, that I did not even know that I had when I came to SMU.”

Joe Camp, Electrical Engineering