Application Process

From Application to Enrollment

Do not book travel arrangements prior to enrollment

Pre-Decision Phase

  1. Review course listing. Consult with academic advisor. Incoming first-year students are not eligible to attend SMU-in-Taos until they are fully matriculated to SMU, typically after their Fall semester. 
  2. Complete all pre-decision requirements and submit online application via online application. (No payment or financial commitment at this stage.)
  3. Students will be checked by Student Affairs regarding their eligibility to attend. This can take up to two weeks. Do not book travel arrangements prior to enrollment.

Post-Decision Phase

  1. Receive decision email from SMU-in-Taos.
  2. Sign the “Confirmation of Attendance” document (via your applicant portal). This step requires a financial commitment. Students should consult with parents and advisors prior to making this commitment. Room and board will be nonrefundable upon signed agreement.
  3. Apply for Friends of Taos scholarship or the Resident Assistant position, if desired.
  4. Clear all holds in my.smu.
  5. SMU-in-Taos will enroll all students into their course(s). 

Post-Enrollment Phase

  1. Confirm courses and charges in my.smu.
  2. Attend mandatory pre-departure orientation.
  3. Submit payment by deadline via my.smu.
  4. Complete and submit student conduct and emergency medical forms.
  5. Arrive in Taos on the correct dates.

Information regarding program costs, financial aid, or withdrawing from the SMU-in-Taos program can be found on the Program Costs & Financial Aid page. Students should pay close attention to dates and deadlines.


Cancel or Withdraw

Students cannot add, drop or swap Taos courses through my.SMU.

To swap, email your name, SMU ID and the courses you want to swap. To cancel or withdraw, complete the Taos Cancellation/Withdrawal Request Form. You must use your SMU ID and email address to complete the form. Be mindful of all Taos-specific deadlines and the refund policies. Failure to attend orientation or class does NOT constitute written notice of cancellation.

Cancel or withdraw

Refund Policies

Taos room and board fees are non-refundable. In order to confirm attendance and to be enrolled, student must agree to pay room and board fees. For this reason, we encourage students to coordinate with parents, academic and financial advisors prior to confirming attendance.  If a confirmed student cancels their application, withdraws or fails to show up in Taos, they will still be responsible for the room and board charges. The only exception to this policy would be in the event that the SMU-in-Taos office cancels a course and the student is unable to move into an alternative course.

Tuition and course fees are refundable if the student submits the appropriate form by the cancellation deadline. For 100% refund of tuition and course fees, students must submit the Taos Cancellation/Withdrawal Request Form to the SMU-in-Taos Office prior to the arrival date for that term. (NOTE: the form must be submitted the day prior to the start of term.) Any cancellations after 12:01 am on the arrival date will forfeit tuition, course fees, room and board. NO refunds will be issued after the term arrival date.

All students are required to stay on the Taos campus, pay full room and board and abide by all campus policies (see Conduct Agreement). Violations of the Student Code of Conduct and/or Campus Policies may result in removal from the SMU-in-Taos campus and/or fines. If a student is removed from the SMU-in-Taos campus, they will be administratively dropped from all courses without refund and required to leave campus at their own expense.