Call for Proposals

Leanne Ketterlin-Geller, RME Director, cordially invites all interested parties to submit poster proposals for the 2017 RME Research-to-Practice Conference.

The 45-minute poster session visually presents a research–to-practice program or project that attendees can explore in depth. Attendees will move through from the session from poster to poster. Posters should convey all of the pertinent information but the presenter is expected to attend the poster session to engage in discussion and address questions from attendees.

We invite you to submit a proposal for the poster presentation session at the RME 2017 R2P Conference. We are particularly interested in proposals aimed at benefitting teachers and administrators working with students in STEM education. Suggested presentation topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying effective and developmentally appropriate strategies to help integrate components of STEM education into curriculum
  • An innovative practice from your mathematics classroom
  • Successes in STEM education through partnerships with community agencies
  • A particular project or unit of study in mathematics that has yielded notable student work
  • Curricula you have piloted or adopted that is focused on STEM education
  • Strategies for integrating STEM lessons into other subject areas that include mathematics
  • How to support students as they transition in life, such as from K12 to university or university to industry/academia
  • Mathematics lessons that engage technology
  • Assessments you have used effectively
  • Results of research conducted on STEM education
  • Leadership strategies to support STEM in your school or district
  • Cross discipline curricula, practices or projects that support collaborative efforts among STEM teachers

Selection Criteria

The RME Conference Advisory Committee is seeking presentations that are evidence based and timely. Proposals should provide relevant and timely support for the topic, including supporting literature based on research. The RME Conference Advisory Committee will select proposals based on the following criteria:

(A) Rationale for the presentation (10 points)

  • Why is this topic important to the field?

(B) Usefulness to Practitioners (10 points)

  • How does the information presented in the session translate to improved practice?

(C) Measurable Participant Outcomes (10 points)

  • Provide 2 to 3 participant outcomes.
  • Outcomes must be appropriate for the intended audience and focus of your proposal.
  • Outcomes should describe precisely the skills, knowledge, and/or behaviors participants will know or be able to demonstrate after the session.


Audio-visual needs (e.g., overhead projector, speakers, laptop and connecting cords) are the presenter’s responsibility. Internet access will be available in all presentation rooms free of charge to presenters. No audiovisual equipment is provided for poster sessions and RME cannot provide power for laptops and other equipment in the poster session room.

Please note: Proposals that promote commercially available products, services, or programs will not be accepted.