Current Projects

Research in Mathematics Education is focused on access and equity for all children in mathematics, working directly with teachers, policy makers, and parents at the state, national, and international levels to systemically address and support the gaps in mathematics education.

Measuring Early Mathematical Reasoning Skills (MMaRS)

Funder: National Science Foundation

This project will develop and evaluate the validity of universal screening assessment tools for Grades K-2 focused on two foundational and predictive early mathematics constructs, numeric relational reasoning and spatial reasoning. The primary goal of the Tests of Numeric Relational Reasoning (T-NRR) and Tests of Spatial Reasoning (T-SR) within the Measures of Mathematical Reasoning Skills system is to help teachers determine students who are at-risk for difficulty in these constructs so that they can provide early intervention and prevent later difficulties.

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STEM Academy for Science Teachers and Leaders

Funder: The Texas Instruments Foundation

The STEM Academy for Science Teachers and Leaders is focused on increasing student achievement in science, increasing student interest in STEM, and increasing students' persistence in STEM coursework. These goals will be achieved by supporting teachers' professional knowledge and skills, and supporting campus administrators' instructional leadership skills.

Department of Education United States of America

Project STAIR: Supporting Teaching of Algebra: Individualization and Reasoning

Funder: U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs

The long-term goal of this model demonstration is to contribute empirical evidence on the effectiveness of a system of instructional practices for supporting the algebra-readiness of middle school students with specific learning disabilities in mathematics.

"Dr. Geller, Dr. Clark, and Dr. Larson sitting next to computer showing Minecraft."

Integrating Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Game Design, and Educational Assessment in a STEM+C Curriculum

Funder: National Science Foundation (Award #1933848)

National Science Foundation has awarded Corey Clark, Ph.D., Leanne Ketterlin Geller, Ph.D. and Eric Larson, Ph.D. a $1.5 million four year grant to research teaching computer science and computational thinking via Minecraft.