Research in Mathematics Education (RME) was established in 2011 with an infrastructure grant from the Meadows Foundation. RME's mission is to conduct high-quality research in mathematics and STEM education, to cultivate positive change by educating teachers and administrators about evidence-based practices and systems, and to support mathematics and STEM achievement through academic growth and development of all students. Under the direction of Dr. Leanne Ketterlin-Geller, research funding has grown to over $14M in just seven years, and we have directly and indirectly impacted over 850 Texas school districts, more than 310,000 Texas teachers, and nearly 1 million students in Texas elementary and middle schools.

We are committed to engaging in research and outreach that will make a significant and lasting difference at the student, classroom, school, district, state and national levels. RME supports mathematics education by (a) impacting students through projects involving teachers, parents, and policymakers, (b) empowering teachers and administrators through our conferences and through professional development opportunities, and (c) connecting researchers within the local, state, national, and international communities by sharing our research and intervention accomplishments.


Research and outreach are conducted by faculty and staff in the departments of Education Policy and Leadership and Teaching and Learning, as well as through partnerships with organizations outside of SMU.


Dr. Leanne Ketterlin Geller

Project Staff

Elizabeth Adams, STEM Evaluation Researcher
Tina Barton, Design Research Strategist
Josh Geller, Researcher
Muhammad Qadeer Haider, Research and Assessment Coordinator
Cassandra Hatfield, Research Project Manager
Jennifer McMurrer, Senior Research Specialist
Alain Mota, STEM Development and Implementation Coordinator
Anthony Sparks, Research Coordinator

Research Fellows

Dr. Deni Basaraba
Dr. Diane Pedrotty Bryant
Dr. David Chard
Dr. Lindy Crawford
Dr. Sarah Powell
Dr. Pooja Shivraj
Dr. Candace Walkington
Dr. Annie Garrison Wilhelm
Dr. Paul Yovanoff