How long is the program?

The full-time Master of Science in Sport Management program is a 12-month commitment. Our program starts at the end of August and concludes the following August.

What is the required GPA for admissions?

We currently do not have a set required minimum GPA for admission to the MSSM program. Our average accepted cumulative undergraduate GPA is 3.3. 

What standardized tests are required in order to apply? What scores are required?

We strongly encourage, but do not require, all applicants to complete either the GMAT or GRE. Our average accepted GMAT score has typically been 545 and the average accepted GRE score has typically been 298. 

How important is my GMAT or GRE score?

While the GMAT or GRE is an important piece of the application and should be taken seriously, it is still only one piece of your overall profile. The Admissions Committee reviews each application in its entirety taking the overall application into consideration.

Is the TOEFL required? 

Yes, for our program we need official TOEFL scores. 

Do I need my foreign transcripts evaluated? 

Yes, we will need your undergraduate transcripts evaluated if you went to a foreign college/ university. Please see the "Application Information" tab for our accepted evaluators. 

How are classes structured?

Classes are scheduled Monday-Thursday nights, usually from 6-9 pm, with a few Friday or Saturday morning courses. The MSSM courses will consist of professional speakers, lectures, group projects, and hands-on experience.

Do I have to have a sport management undergraduate degree to be considered and admitted?

No, applicants do not need to have an undergraduate degree in sport management. We consider and admit students from a wide variety of undergraduate backgrounds and disciplines.

Do you offer any online courses?

We currently do not offer any online courses.

What is the full-time total tuition cost for the program?

The approximate cost of attendance is ~$54,000 USD for the entire program. This estimation excludes any living expenses a student may have. For precise tuition and fees, please visit the SMU Bursar's website.

Do you have any scholarships available?

Yes, we have multiple scholarships available. Any applicants interested in scholarships must submit a FAFSA/SAR as part of their application to the MSSM program. 

When will we register for classes?

Students will receive enrollment information from the APSM department at the beginning of August. The Program Specialist will complete all course enrollments for MSSM students.

Do you have a part-time option?

The MSSM program does have a part-time option. Part-time students complete the same courses as full-time students, but have those courses spread out over two years instead of only one.

What is the process after all my application materials are submitted?

After completing and submitting your application, our team will review it. Application review for our program is a two step process - Administrators from the Sport Management graduate program and Cox School of business review your application material. After an admission decision is made, prospects are notified via email and through their application portal.