Application Deadlines - Fall 2024 Entry

We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2024 term! 

 Round One   Deadline: 11/30/2023   Decision Date 12/22/2023

 Round Two

 Deadline: 01/31/2024 Decision Date: 02/23/2024

 Round Three     

 Deadline: 02/29/2024

Decision Date: 03/29/2024

* Rolling admission after February 2024


Students are admitted to the MSSM program for the Fall term only (Fall 2024). Admission to the program is highly selective and follows the standards of the Cox School of Business MBA admissions. The Admissions Committee, which will include a member(s) from the Cox School, seeks a diverse group of candidates demonstrating the following attributes:

Significant professional and life experiences
Strong academic capabilities, leadership potential and interpersonal and communication skills
Personal qualities such as maturity, integrity, self-confidence and motivation
A strong commitment to learning and achievement
Preferred applicants typically have full-time work experience, a strong undergraduate record, and competitive scores on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

* If you are interested in scholarship consideration please be sure to check that box on the application as well as complete the section for financial aid (FASFA/SAR)

Application Materials: 

  • Completed application form 
  • Resume
  • Essay (prompted on application)
  • Transcripts from all colleges/universities attended 
  • A required letter of recommendation (2 max)
  • Video statement 

Note: GRE/GMAT test scores are currently being waived for the MSSM application.

Note: The Master of Science in Sport Management requires TOEFL scores for international applicants. 

Video Statement

We are excited to meet you! Think of your video as an opportunity to introduce yourself and let your personality shine through. Above all, be yourself.
Videos should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No more than 1 minute in length
  • single take (no editing)
  • speaking directly to the camera
  • do not include background music or subtitles 

Note: The video will not be shared beyond the admissions committee and is for use in the application process only.


Transcripts should be sent to the following: 


*This email is specifically for electronic transcripts ONLY and the quickest way to have them sent. 


Graduate Application Processing

PO Box 750518 | Dallas TX 75275-0518

International Transcripts: 

 All foreign transcripts must include an official English translation if it is not already in English. The translation may be issued by the university itself or from an agency of proven reliability.

Applicants for Sport Management submitting transcripts from foreign universities must also submit a Professional Transcript Evaluation for each with the official transcript. It is the student's responsibility to procure the evaluation(s) and to assume financial responsibility. An exception to this requirement is an exchange agreement between SMU and a foreign institution which is modeled after the U.S. education system. The Professional Transcript Evaluations should include an explanation that the institution is recognized by the ministry of education in the home country and is generally considered to offer at least the equivalent of U.S. higher education credit. In addition, it should include an explanation of the credits, the grading system and course levels, as well as a course-by-course evaluation.

Because of the importance of this information, SMU only accepts evaluations from the following agencies of proven reliability:

World Education Services, Inc.

International Academic Credential Evaluators, Inc.

Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.

The expertise and reliability of a Professional Transcript Evaluation report is recognized worldwide and is likely to be accepted by other academic institutions, employers and state licensing boards. However, the report is not binding to SMU and it will be considered a recommendation for SMU's independent decision of the credit to be given. Information and applications from the agencies are available online.

International applicants who hold a bachelor's degree from a foreign university should not assume that these degrees will be automatically accepted in U.S. universities. Decisions will be based on the academic standings of the institutions from which the applicant has graduated. Professional diplomas and higher certificates from technical or vocational schools are normally not considered as equivalent to a bachelor's degree.


For questions or assistance with the application process, please contact our office at or 214-768-6077