The Department of Applied Physiology and Sport Management offers undergraduate and graduate programs and manages research labs that promote academic rigor and the scientific advancement of the field of applied physiology.

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and Sport Management (APSM) offers concentrations in Applied Physiology and Health Management, Sport Management, and Sport Performance Leadership. The department also offers undergraduate minors in applied physiology, applied physiology and health management, sport management, and sport performance leadership for students earning baccalaureate degrees in other departments at SMU.

The department’s graduate programs include an M.S. in Sport Management and a Ph.D. in Applied Physiology.

The two research labs support funded scientific investigations and promote sound practice in the sport, health leadership, and management industries. The Applied Physiology/Biomechanics Lab investigates autonomic function and thermoregulation in healthy and clinical populations, and the Cerebrovascular Research Laboratory investigates cerebral blood-flow regulation and the role of the autonomic nervous system in healthy and diseased humans.

Master of Science in Sport Management

Prospective Students

SMU’s Master of Science in Sport Management degree is designed for students who have a passion for the business of sport and who aspire to hold senior-management positions in the billion-dollar sports industry.

Career and Personal Benefits

Cox School and Simmons School faculty members with real-world experience in professional leagues and teams, media and broadcasting, marketing and sponsorship, facilities and sports equipment, and apparel teach the essential business skills of sport management.

Ph.D. in Education - Applied Physiology

Prospective Students

The program is designed for the student interested in pursuing a Ph.D. with a strong research design and statistics focus in applied physiology.

Career and Personal Benefits

The curriculum is largely research and statistics based.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology & Sport Management

Prospective Students

This program is designed for undergraduate students interested in working in the fitness, wellness, health, and sports industries.

Career and Personal Benefits

The B.S. in APSM degree program explores health, fitness, and human performance from the perspectives of business, physiology, and ethics. Students focus their studies in one of the following areas. 

• Sport Management: equips students with the business skills necessary for a variety of careers in the sports industry - including media, marketing, facilities, equipment, and apparel sport professions.

• Applied Physiology and Health Management: provides in-depth study of the research-based training methods that are used to develop effective lifestyle prescriptions and that equip students with the skills to design and manage fitness and health facilities for a rapidly-growing older population.

• Sport Performance Leadership: designed for students interested in sport leadership, instruction, and coaching.

UG Minors in Applied Physiology & Sport Management

Prospective Students

Undergraduate “minors” serve students pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in departments other than Applied Physiology and Wellness.

Career and Personal Benefits

An undergraduate “minor” provides an opportunity to explore an academic area other than and in addition to the undergraduate “major” area. The Department of Applied Physiology and Wellness offers three APSM minors: sport management, applied physiology and health management, and sport performance leadership.