Institutional Facts

General Information

Organization Type

Non-Profit 501(c) (3)
Private Institution of Higher Education
Incorporated in the State of Texas
Date of Incorporation: 1911

Entity Number (10): 75-0800689
University Central DUNS Number: 00-198-1133
Unique Entity ID: D33QGS3Q3DJ3

CAGE Code University Central: 4E762
U.S. Cong. District: Thirty-Second (TX-024)
Animal Welfare Assurance (OLAW): D16-00396
OLAW expiration date: 9/30/2023 
Human Subjects Assurance (FWA):  00001626
FWA expiration date: 8/19/2027
NAICS Code: 611310


Proposal / Award Contact

Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) and Administrative Contact
Angelita Trevino, Director of Sponsored Projects and Contracts  
214-768-1079 Fax

General Contact for Proposals

Sponsored Projects & Contacts

Award Financials Contact
Grant & Contract Accounting

Signing Official
David Ewing, Director of Grant and Contract Accounting
214-768-2900 Fax

Administrative Contact for Award Financials
Grant & Contract Accounting

Kim Orcutt
214-768-2900 Fax

SMU F&A Rate and Fringe Rates

Cognizant Audit Agency

Department of Health and Human Services
Phone: (214) 767 - 3261

Administrative Contracting Office

Office of Naval Research
Atlanta Regional Office
100 Alabama Street SW, Suite 4R15
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104

Current Rate Agreement

Dated: 3/9/2022
Fringe Benefit rates valid through 05/31/2023
F&A rates valid through 05/31/2023
HHS Representative: Denise Shirlee (214-767-3261)
On campus rate of 48.5% MTDC

SMU FY2021 Rates

Off Campus

26.0% – Modified Total Direct Costs

On Campus

48.5% - Modified Total Direct Costs

On Campus is defined as being a project
wherein 51% of the costs are incurred in
facilities owned or operated by SMU.

Fringe Benefit Rates - FY2022

Faculty & Staff: 30%
Post Doc: 27.5%
Graduate Tuition Remission: 32%

Fringe Benefit Rates - FY2023

Faculty & Staff: 27%
Post Doc: 24%
Graduate Tuition Remission: 32%

Checks to be Mailed

University Central Address

Southern Methodist University
Office of Contract and Grant Accounting
PO Box 750259
Dallas, TX 75275-0259

FedEx Address

Southern Methodist University
Office of Grant and Contract Accounting
6116 N. Central Expressway, Suite 210
Dallas, TX 75206