Sponsored Projects & Contracts

In support of SMU's research initiatives, Sponsored Projects & Contracts (SP&C) aims to provide our community with client-centered, professional administrative expertise to support the responsible management of sponsored projects through responsive and transparent communication.

Contact Information

Phone: 214-768-4708

Email: angelitat@smu.edu

Areas of Focus: TBD

Phone: 214-768-7832

Email: shanteria@smu.edu

Primary Point of Contact for Research Contracts

Areas of Focus: TBD

Phone: 214-768-1692

Email: vallec@smu.edu

Areas of Focus: TBD

Areas of Oversight

Sponsored Projects & Contracts serves to provide institutional oversight regarding all externally-sponsored research grants and contracts. SP&C provides campus-wide services in reviewing and approving research proposals, awards, and contracts; negotiating awards terms and conditions; overseeing financial compliance related to said terms and conditions; and serving as a liaison between SMU and external sponsors.

Research Handbook and Forms Library

Detailed information about all Sponsored Projects & Contracts programs and procedures may be found in the Research Handbook.

All forms required for the external funding proposal process can be found in the Forms Library.

University Policy

Sponsored Projects & Contracts processes are driven primarily by federal regulations and supported by the following SMU policies:

Research Contracts

Sponsored Projects & Contracts provides contract management and administrative services for SMU faculty and research staff. Our office is responsible for officially accepting grant and contract awards for Sponsored Projects. We negotiate all research contracts directly with agencies and external entities. Principal Investigators (PI) and department staff are advised by our staff in the interpretation of terms and conditions to reduce risk to SMU, the PI, and their research ventures.