Onboarding for New Faculty and Staff

Policy number: 7.5

Policy section: Human Resources

Revised Date: January 2, 2019

1. Policy Statement

It is the policy of the University to establish and maintain an onboarding process that welcomes and helps integrate new employees into the University community and culture.

2. Purpose

The Department of Human Resources has a comprehensive onboarding process for new benefits-eligible staff and related onboarding for new faculty. Both are designed to welcome and effectively integrate the new employee as a productive member of the University.

3. Applicability

This policy applies to benefits-eligible faculty and staff.

4. Department Administrative Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, and Related Policies

  1. The Department of Human Resources, under the purview of the Vice President for Business and Finance, has oversight and administrative responsibility for this policy and shall promulgate departmental rules, procedures, and guidelines pursuant to this policy.
  2. Consult University Policy 7.7, Employee Classifications, for definitions of benefits-eligible employee classifications. Detailed information regarding the onboarding process and employee requirements can be found in Appendix A below.

5. Questions

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to The Department of Human Resources at smuhr@smu.edu.

Appendix A: Onboarding Process & Employee Requirements

  1. The Onboarding Process
    1. Prior to the hire date, all new benefits-eligible staff employees will receive a mailing from the Department of Human Resources that includes a summary of SMU benefits and resources, an invitation to review an on-line tutorial, and instructions on when and where to report for New Employee Orientation (“NEO”). NEO is held on a weekly basis.
    2. Faculty onboarding is jointly coordinated by the Office of the Provost and the Department of Human Resources. New faculty members are expected to participate in the Teaching Effectiveness Symposium sponsored by the Office of the Provost and held each year prior to the beginning of the fall academic term.
  2. Employee Requirements
    1. All employees are required by federal law to provide certain documentation verifying their identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete a portion of the Form I-9. Documentation for the Form I-9 must be reviewed and verified by the Department of Human Resources no later than three (3) business days following the first day of employment. SMU may rescind the employment offer if acceptable documents are not provided to the SMU Department of Human Resources in a timely manner.
    2. All employees are required to complete certain tutorials that address topics including but not limited to the protection of minors and prevention of harassment, discrimination, and sexual violence. Time spent attending orientation and completing tutorials will be with pay.

Revised: January 2, 2019

Adopted: March 2, 2015