Flat Peruna

Flat Peruna loves to visit special places on the SMU campus, places around Dallas, places around Texas, places around the U.S., and places around the world.

Congratulations to Christine Pearson for winning a Vacation Day for her entry in the #FlatPeruna Contest.

Christine Pearson
Christine Pearson with her Flat Peruna in Prague.

We want to see the pictures of the places Flat Peruna visits with SMU Staff members, so make sure a staff member is in the picture!  Share your pictures by doing any or all of the following:

  • Email the picture(s) to smusa@smu.edu so we can share them.
  • Share them yourself on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) using the hashtag  #flatperuna and tagging the SMU Staff Association (@staffsmu).

Prizes will be handed out monthly and all submissions will be put into a random drawing for vacation days that will take place at the President’s Picnic in May.

Suggested categories for pictures are:

  • Farthest distance from SMU
  • Most staff members in one picture
  • Most number of staff from different departments in one picture
  • Most number of pictures in different SMU buildings and other distinguishable locations on campus (Turner Pavilion, Laura Bush Promenade, Meadows Museum Wave Fountain)
  • Picture with a VP and/or Dean
  • Picture with Peruna or mascot
  • Picture at an SMU sporting event &/or other campus events

Get your Flat Peruna today at any of the following locations:

SMU Staff Advocacy Committee

Building Room Contact Department
Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall 238 Kathryn Canterbury Simmons School of Education
Blanton Student Services 119A Stan Eddy DES, Taos, LEC, Int’l Programs
Blanton Student Services 404 Karie Conklin OIT
Caruth Hall 455 Todd Wright Lyle School of Engineering
Clements Hall G09 Rachel Ball-Phillips Provost’s Office
Dallas Hall 206 Scot Montague Dedman College
Dawson Service Center 162 Devonne Washington Business & Finance
Expressway Tower 203F Marjorie Rush Payroll
Fincher Building 200 Dee Powell Cox School of Business
Hughes-Trigg Student Center 200 Whitney Wells Student Affairs
Kirby Hall 216 Laura Figura Perkins School of Theology
Loyd All-Sports Center 312 Karen Walters Athletics
Owens Art Center 1140 Ryan Cole Meadows School of the Arts
Perkins Administration Building 303E Michelle Baehl Development and External Affairs
Perkins Administration Building 130C Diane Rives Legal Affairs
Underwood Law Library 236 Winston Tubb Dedman School of Law

SMU Staff Association Executive Board

Building Room Contact Department
Kirby Hall  206 Joe Monroy  Perkins School of Theology
SMU Police Department   Ross Hightower SMU Police
Crow Building 369A Jill McGinness Cox School of Business
Fincher Building 104 Julianne Deering Caruth Institute
Bridwell Library Admin Michelle Ried Perkins School of Theology
Heroy Science Hall ISEM Diana Vineyard Dedman College
Maguire Building 252B Raina Watts BBA Advising
Selecman Hall 203 Pamela Hogan Perkins School of Theology

Other campus locations

Building Room Contact Department
Hughes-Trigg Student Center 216 Pam Thornbury Parking & ID Services
Perkins Administration Building 202 Chris Regis/Lisa Palacioz VP for Business & Finance

We look forward to seeing pictures of you and your Flat Peruna around campus and elsewhere!


* Photos must include part of the photographer’s own face in the photograph and the Flat Peruna. By submitting an image to the Flat Peruna Adventures, you hereby grant the SMU Staff Association and its partners, a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free license to publish, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, to create derivative works thereon (including translations and adaptations), and in all formats, including but not limited to print and/or electronic format.