Mustang Meet-Ups

Mustang Meet-Ups

Mustang Meet-Ups (formerly Meet and Greets) are an integral part of the mission of the Staff Association. These are in-person events held once a month during the academic year and provide staff with opportunities to meet other staff from different areas of the university. These are usually open to all staff, but registration is required as many have light refreshments. There are some times when due to the event, registration may be limited to a certain number of staff. These types of events can be a come-and-go (i.e., ice cream social), an instructional class (i.e., cooking class), a happy hour off-campus, or maybe a tailgate before a SMU home game. The options are limitless! SMUSA is also happy for any suggestions staff may have for other types of Mustang Meet-Ups. Just reach out to anyone on the board with your suggestion.

Some of our 'regular' Mustang Meet-Ups are:

  • Fall and Spring Pop-Up Shops
  • Holiday Wine and Cheese at the Museum
  • Staff Celebration and Convocation (well, this one takes the place of an October event usually)
  • President's Picnic (like Convocation, this one takes the place of a May event, but is several different types of events over a week)

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