Code of Conduct

Adopted November 4, 2009 by the SMU Staff Association Executive Committee

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the SMU Staff Association is to foster a spirit of community within SMU.  The association is comprised of the officers of the Executive Committee, up to nine members at large and the members of the Staff Advocacy Council. The Code of Ethics applies to all members of the Staff Association and to all appointed chairs and members of committees, task forces and councils.

To accomplish this mission, the SMU Staff Association provides:

  • Communication between staff and administrators to promote understanding
  • Representation of the staff and gives voice to staff concerns and ideas within the university
  • Programming for staff to encourage  social, philanthropic, and educational interaction

Conduct Statement

The SMU Staff Association is entrusted with the authority to speak for the staff as a whole.  This is an awesome responsibility that requires ethical and moral actions that preserve the trust given.  All officers and members owe it to SMU and its staff to uphold certain basic values.

  • Be open to staff, students and faculty, and to their ideas. 
  • Ensure that activities of the SMU Staff Association are accessible to all SMU staff. 
  • Recognize that there are times when deliberations and work of the Staff Association should be handled in a confidential manner.
  • Decisions should be made objectively, free of bias or personal feelings and communicated with the goal of transparency.
  • Be aware of possible conflicts of interest and discuss these apparent or actual conflicts with the presiding chair or officer.
  • Represent the staff by respecting the views of the majority but protecting the diverse view of all staff.
  • Adhere to sound financial policies, and handle association funds in a responsible manner.
  • Be accountable for decisions and actions.  Respect all members of the Association and members of the SMU community.  Gain respect of the community through trustworthy behavior.
  • Advocate and champion for others and for SMU.  Promote excellence in every aspect of the Association.