Dedman College Application Deadlines

Applicants wishing to be considered for department assistantships must submit their applications by the priority deadlines below. Applications received after the priority deadlines will be considered for any unfilled openings only.


Priority Deadline


January 15


January 15

Chemistry (Chemistry Ph.D.) 

January 15

Chemistry (Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Ph.D) January 15

Earth Sciences

January 15

Economics (Ph.D.)

January 15

Economics (Master's) May 1


January 15

History (Ph.D.)

January 8

History (M.A.)  January 8


January 15


January 15

Psychology (Ph.D)

December 1

    Organizational Psychology (M.S.) March 15

Religious Studies

January 6

Statistics (Statistics and Biostatistics Ph.D.)

December 31

Statistics (MASDA only) February 1

The final deadline for most departments for Fall admission is May 1. Applications submitted after the posted priority deadline are reviewed on a space-availability basis.  

For any departments accepting Spring applicants, the final deadline is October 15. Applications received for Spring after that date will be forwarded for Fall admission consideration.


The following programs have earlier final deadlines:

  • Psychology Ph.D.: December 1
  • History Ph.D.: January 8
  • Religious Studies PhD: January 6
  • History M.A.: March 1

No applications will be accepted after their respective final deadlines.  

Update: GRE Requirement