Javad Aman

Javad Jomehpour

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests:
Javad is passionate about working at the intersection of urban transportation planning and data analytics. He utilizes statistical and machine learning techniques to analyze big data, like social media datasets and cellphone location records, in order to investigate social disparities and advance equity analysis in transportation services and infrastructure management. Through his research, he hopes to develop more efficient and effective methods that help urban decision-makers build more equitable cities for all social communities.

Road to the Moody School:
Javad majored in civil engineering and completed his M.Sc. at Sharif University of Technology, in Iran. In 2019, he joined SMU as a Ph.D. student. In his free time, Javad enjoys reading books, playing soccer, watching sports and exploring new cafes and restaurants.