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Spring 2024 Guildhall Game Releases

Feb 21, 2024 - Feb 22, 2024

New SMU Guildhall student games released on Steam and Epic Games Store

SMU Guildhall's annual student game launch takes place this Spring with two new games, Kneedle Knight and Asurya's Embers, which launched February 21 and March 6 (respectively) on Steam. Asurya's Embers also launched on March 6th on Epic Game Store, and Kneedle Knight is anticipated to launch there as well this month. (This page will be updated with a link to Kneedle Knight on EGS once released.)

These short, commercial-quality titles are provided for free to the public. They were developed by small student teams in one semester, representing the culmination of two years in game development education. Our curriculum is designed to teach students how to make a game and send it to market, emulating industry-standard style and pace.
The SMU Guildhall graduate game development program is celebrating its 20th year of game development education. Since 2003, Guildhall students have made over 648 team games. 27 of those games are available on the Steam platform, where they are showcased and compete alongside commercially produced titles. Collectively, these student games have garnered over a million downloads and positive reviews by gamers worldwide.

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Kneedle Knight on Steam

- Asurya's Embers on Steam

- Asurya's Embers on EGS

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- Kneedle Knight Developer Interview

- Asurya's Embers Developer Interview 


Kneedle Knight poster

Kneedle Knight

Launched Feb. 21 on Steam, EGS coming soon

Conjure fabric with a magic needle as Sir Lukoss the Small. Solve puzzles, platform across magical objects, and defeat cursed candle minions to return to normal and defeat the Witch of Fabric! Read More

Download & Play on Steam


Asurya's Embers

Asurya's Embers

Launched March 6 on Steam & EGS

In this bow-and-arrow shooter set in an ancient Himalayan village plagued by an environmental disaster, play as Dawa—a hero protecting her village from vengeful sun god, Asurya. Read More

Download & Play on Steam

Download & Play on Epic Games Store