GameLab is SMU Guildhall's development studio.

One of SMU Guildhall's core pillars is creating a learning environment that looks and behaves like a game studio.

Led by faculty members with decades of industry experience, and in combination with SMU Guildhall's Team Game Production courses, our students learn how to make games by actually making games — at least 3 during their time in our program — on teams of all sizes.

You can see many examples of our student games on our Student Work page and Steam page, where over a dozen games are available for free. 

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GameLab at SMU Guildhall works with game industry studios all over the world to match them with our talented students through coaching and mentoring, events, game jams, and guest lectures and Game Changers series speakers. We work with key partners like Sony, Valve, Epic, Microsoft, Intel, Oculus, and Nvidia–just to name a few–to provide our students with development resources, tools, and educational support.  We also work with academic research partners, departments, and schools (not only at SMU but around the region) to develop cutting edge research and technology. 
With active industry participation and feedback, and in partnership with diverse departments and schools around campus, SMU Guildhall is at the forefront of game development, project management, organizational behavior, psychological safety, and team efficacy.  Our student leaders are taking these lessons and best practices out into their careers and shaping the studios of tomorrow.
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