Guildhall Preparation: Art

Our art track focuses on traditional and digital work. We look for an art background that is grounded in traditional mediums: drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. You should be comfortable with observational and life drawing. While in college, take courses that will lead to a degree such as a Bachelor's of Fine Arts (BFA).


  • Autodesk Education Community — One-stop source for student learning versions of 3DStudio Max, Maya, and Mudbox with helpful forums, program support, inspiration, and reference.
  • Unity 2D and 3D Game Engine — Downloadable version of the latest Unity engine with support, tutorials, and access to everything needed to dip your feet into one of the easiest to learn editors out there. Feel free to make an account, you’ll need one when classes start.
  • Unreal 4 Editor — Physics based rendering and integration with Substance Painter and Designer allow you to render your game art in stunning clarity and realism. More complex than Unity, but offers forums, video tutorials and a support base that make it approachable.
  • Adobe Photoshop — The most popular concept and texture creation tool. Free trial, tutorials, and support are available.
  • ArtStation — Where all game, concept, entertainment artists seem to archive their work, this is the place to see where commercial art is at now and will be in the future. Incredible resource for inspiration as well as custom Photoshop brushes, 3D materials, and process videos.
  • Polycount Forums — Great repository of game art with references, tutorials, and critiques. A central location for new game artists to network and grow with a decent community to bounce their work off of for feedback.
  • Sketchfab — One of the best web-based 3D content viewers. Allows you to upload your own work for critique and see 3D art up close. Great for uncovering creation secrets, getting inspiration, and process investigation. Integrates with 3DStudio Max via a simple plugin.
  • Marmoset Toolbag — The best realtime 3D art viewer out there. Supports PBR (physics-based rendering), has an available native Unreal 4 shader, and offers tutorials, support, and a gallery of incredible sample art.
  • Episcura Photo Reference — A great go-to site for free photographs to use as part of a photorealistic material or as real-world references of architecture, nature, animals, vehicles, etc.
  • YouTube — Good source for video tutorials for any and all tools we use to create game art, like Unity, Photoshop, Unreal, 3DStudio Max, Maya, Mudbox, and Zbrush — most in multiple languages! The first place you should go for time-sensitive support. If something isn’t work correctly, you can be sure others are having the same issues, and some of them have created videos on how to solve the problem. Subscribing to the Autodesk, Unity, Unreal, and Photoshop official channels is a must!
  • Pixologic Zbrush — Excellent 3D sculpting tool similar to Autodesk’s Mudbox. Offers a trial version, tutorials, support, reference, and samples of detailed sculpts and uses for Zbrush.
  • DeviantArt — Hit or miss as far as content goes... Some great art, and some questionable work as well. That said, this is still the best source for custom Photoshop brushes, swatches, and other presets that can make your Photoshop experience even more enjoyable. Great tutorials for concept artists as well.