Art Creation

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As an artist at SMU Guildhall, you will learn to apply your natural artistic talent through the latest tools, engines, and software to create interactive game art for both individual and team projects. This includes complex mesh pipelines, modeling and sculpting, multi-layer textures supporting physics-based rendered materials, and lighting. With ongoing critique by Guildhall faculty and students, your work will evolve into a skillfully built, competitive professional portfolio.

Who are Guildhall game artists?

Our eclectic group of students and alumni translate ideas into visual reality in many different ways. They have interest in games, of course... so much more! You might be a great candidate for our program if you...

  • Enjoy sketching to give your imagination vision
  • Love computer generated entertainment
  • "See" what you read in crystal clarity 
  • Have an eye for detail that is expressible in personal and peer critiques
  • Find your talent could expand with access to new tools

What will I learn as an artist at SMU Guildhall?

  • Game engine pipelines 
  • 3D modeling
  • Environmental modeling
  • Modularity
  • Hard surface modeling
  • Organic modeling
  • Virtual sculpting
  • Complex textures and materials
  • Lighting and post-processing
  • Technical art support

In addition to the core art curriculum, students are able to demonstrate other game art skills in their two Directed Focus Study courses, in which they explore the area independently and receive feedback.


What would my career path be as an artist?

Art students prepare for careers creating all visual elements found throughout the diverse media and genre of video games we enjoy today. The various areas of game art development continue to grow. Being exposed to the branching career choices available helps our students find what fuels their passion for games. A few career options include:

  • Environment artist
  • Prop artist
  • Texture and materials artist
  • Effects artist


How do I prepare to be a Guildhall artist?

Our art track focuses on traditional and digital work. We look for an art background that is grounded in traditional mediums: drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. You should be comfortable with observational and life drawing. While in college, take courses that will lead to a degree such as a Bachelor's of Fine Arts (BFA).

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