SMU Guildhall Specializations

Each Guildhall student selects a specialization to focus on. SMU Guildhall is the only program that offers specializations in all four cornerstones of video game development, which represent the primary roles in the video game industry:

 Art Creation

Our artists apply natural artistic talent through the latest tools, engines, and software to create interactive game art, bringing imagined worlds and characters to vivid digital life.

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 Level Design

As a level designer, you will completely assemble game levels, crafting player experience via gameplay progression, level architecture, player flow, and immersion within your levels.   

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Production students are servant leaders who shepherd cross-disciplinary teams of developers in a studio simulation. Producers also select a secondary sub-specialization (Art, Design or Programming). Only students enrolled in the master's degree program are eligible for the Production specialization.

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 Software Development 

As a programmer, you'll write the code that brings characters and environments to life. Programmers study many facets of gameplay programming and game engine architecture.

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What SMU Guildhall specialization is right for you?

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Surprised by your result? Some developers fit into multiple categories, as common interests are often shared amongst specializations. Contact us to discuss the many facets of each specialization to determine which path you should take!