Aditi Sengupta

Aditi completed her Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Santanu Roy in 2011 and joined the Department of Economics at Auburn University located in Auburn, Alabama. She received tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor in Fall 2018.

Aditi's primary research field is environmental economics. She applies microeconomic theory and game theory to analyze how market incentives influence environmental performance of firms, with a particular focus on information structure and strategic behavior of firms. This allows her to critically examine current environmental regulations and to provide new insights into the ways in which public policy can shape market incentives to promote green technological change and environmentally sustainable practices among firms. Her research has regularly appeared in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management and The B. E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy.

And, Aditi has recently started working on the economics of water and frequently collaborates with civil, environmental, and computer engineers.

SMU’s Ph.D. program in Economics and especially my advisor trained me meticulously and extensively to survive and navigate through the complicated and challenging world of academia in every possible sense. I recognize this more so as I meet more and more graduates from other Ph.D. programs.
— Aditi Sengupta, Auburn University

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