Department Policies

Students must adhere to the Department’s academic policies. For more information about grade policies, transfer policies, and residency requirements, review the catalog.

Each student is personally responsible for complying with enrollment procedures and policies. The Department does not require that a student meet with an advisor each semester, but students are highly encouraged to confirm the accuracy of their enrollment each term with their advisor.

Students who are considering adding or dropping a course should first consult the academic calendar to determine the impact on academic records and/or finances. Students are encouraged to also check with their academic advisor prior to dropping course(s) since graduation timing may be impacted. In the event that a student would like to petition an exception to enrollment policies (i.e. a late add or drop), the student should contact the Dedman Records Office at dcrecords@mail.smu.edu and complete the appropriate paperwork. If the course is an economics course, the late add must be approved by the Economics Department.

Students have the final responsibility for the accuracy of their enrollment, the applicability of their courses towards their degree requirements, and their academic performance (enrollment instructions can be found here).

Important note: Students follow degree requirements found in the catalogs in use at the time of their entry to SMU.