Thomas B. Fomby Graduate Award of Excellence

  • Nature of Scholarship. This Scholarship is awarded each academic year to one master’s student pursuing an MA or MS degree in Economics at Southern Methodist University. Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis and cannot be renewed (so that each master’s student can only win this award at most once).


  • Eligibility. The applicant must meet the below requirements. Note, priority will be given to students who are not currently receiving other awards, scholarships, or fellowships.
  1. Must be an existing part-time or full-time master’s student at SMU’s Economics Department

  2. Must have an exceptional academic record, including having and maintaining a 3.0 overall grade point average or better

  3. Must plan to continue academic studies in the master’s program and register for a minimum of 3 hours as a master’s student in the Fall or the Spring of the grant year


  • Application. To apply, the applicant should submit a short scholarship essay (500 words or less) and ask reference from an SMU instructor.  The short essay should focus on what makes the applicant uniquely qualified to receive the award. These can include educational and career goals, past achievements, financial needs, as well as other skills, talents, or experience that qualify the applicant for the award. As such, the short essay is an opportunity for the applicant to share their goals, personality, and experience with the Master’s committee so that the committee knows the applicant better. Applications may be made at any time by letter to the Director of Master’s Programs, Professor Bo Chen. Department of Economics, Southern Methodist University, PO Box 750496, Dallas, TX 75275-0496. Application deadline for the following academic year award is May 1.


  • Awarding Scholarships. The scholarship award recommendations are made by the Director of Master’s Programs and approved by the Master’s Committee. Awards are made in May of each academic year for the following Fall or Spring semester and will be applied directly to the student’s tuition and other school fees.