Majors and Minor

The Economics Department offers four majors:

  • The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics
  • The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics
  • The Bachelor of Science with Financial Applications (BSFA) in Economics
  • The Bachelor of Science with Management Information Applications (BSMIA) in Economics

Bachelor of Arts majors typically double – and occasionally triple – major in liberal arts fields such as political science, sociology, history, public policy and international studies. Many B.A. students go on to graduate study in law or public administration.

The B.S. degree offers more specialized training in Economics, requiring Calculus II as well as Econometrics.

The B.S. with Financial Applications is our most popular degree plan. The major combines specialized training in Economics with a concentration of three classes in the Economics of financial markets.

The B.S. with Management Information Applications combines specialized training in Economics, Econometrics and management information systems in areas important to the study of big data.

Students may also minor in Economics. To learn more about the requirements for all majors and the minor, visit the catalog

Sample 4-year plans are also available for reference. 

Interested in a Master's Degree?

Our 4+1 program allows you to begin graduate coursework as an undergraduate.  You will complete the remaining graduate coursework in the year following graduation.

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