Major Declaration

Students interested in majoring in Economics must first meet a set of requirements and then can formally declare an Economics major. To learn more about the major declaration requirements, please visit the catalog.

To initiate the declaration process, please review the following:

  • If you are a prospective student, please contact the Admissions Office at

  • Students who have not yet declared any major will need to declare with their pre-major advisor.  Please contact your pre-major advisor for assistance.  If you are not sure who your pre-major advisor is, you may locate that information in my.SMU under the Academics Tab.

  • Students who would like to add an Economics major (as an additional major) or switch to an Economics major (from their existing declared major), should send a copy of the major declaration/change form to the Undergraduate Advisor, Alyssa Wong, at  If you meet the declaration requirements, your form will be sent by Alyssa Wong to Dedman Records for processing.  If you would like to first learn about the major requirements in more detail, please schedule an appointment by clicking here.