Seifey Mohammad ’21
B.S. in Economics & Finance

The SMU Economics department is truly a world class institution. From the highly intelligent professors to the amazing academic curriculum. The Economics department equipped me with skills to succeed in life
Sarah Edwards ’18
B.S. in Economics

The SMU Economics Department is composed of nothing but incredible faculty members. Throughout my four years, my encouraging professors afforded me all of the skills and opportunities needed to become a world changer. I would not trade my experience at SMU for the world.
Angelica McEwan ’18
B.A. in Economics

I am so grateful for my time at SMU, the economics department prepared me to be a leader through the excellent classes and the magnificent teachers that supported me in my goals.
Jake Berard ’18
B.S. in Economics

The Department of Economics at SMU is home to truly exceptional professors who challenged me to achieve my highest potential and prepared me for tremendous success in graduate school. As a transfer student, I was amazed at how welcoming the faculty was and how quickly I was provided opportunities to conduct undergraduate research. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and experience I have gained during my studies of Economics at SMU.
Karla Gonzalez ’18
B.S. in Economics, International Studies and French

I declared an Econ major after I took the Intro to Micro course and discovered a newfound academic passion. The SMU department of economics is full of professors who are not only incredibly knowledgeable on the subjects they teach, but who are supportive, understanding, and always ready to help any student that wants to learn. If anyone is hesitant or curious about Economics I highly recommend taking an Intro course!
Gloria Gutierrez ’16
B.S. in Economics and International Studies

As I reflect on my SMU experience two years after graduation, I can say that the SMU Department of Economics prepared me to enter the workforce by offering a wide selection of classes, challenging and expanding my thinking, and helping me become a more thoughtful, knowledgeable, and caring individual.
Tooba Faizan ’19
B.S. in Economics with Financial Applications

Throughout my experience at SMU, the Economics faculty played an integral role in ensuring students were adept with skills to become global leaders. I was fortunate to be challenged in my classes and glean from the most inquisitive professors. It has been an honor.
Aparna Subramanian ’20
B.S. in Economics with Financial Applications

Throughout my 4 years at SMU, I am really thankful that my professors in the department of Economics took the time to get to know me and challenge me as a student. I am really thankful for all the opportunities that have been provided to me including being able to study abroad at the London School of Economics.
Shaun Reid ’19
B.S. in Economics

The SMU Economics Department gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and prepared me very well for life after college. My professors were always extremely help and ready to help — with both classwork and career mentorship. The real world experience and perspectives that they brought into the classroom made the lessons much more meaningful and helped to instill the importance of what we were learning.
Sarah Luckey ’19
B.S. in Economics with Finance Applications

As I reflect on my time at SMU over the past four years, I cannot help but feel so grateful and appreciative for all of the professors and faculty I have come in contact with, especially in the Economics Department. I am so thankful for the way that my professors made the effort to get to know me personally and began to actually care about my wellbeing not just as a student, but as a person. They were always so willing to offer up their time to help me in any way they possibly could, and I owe a large part of my success in college to them.  
Dasha Flowers ’19
B.S. in Economics with Finance Applications

During my four years at SMU, I would really like to thank the Department of Economics for providing me with a broad range of classes and projects. Although I have not yet started my job and not sure what aspects of my education I will utilize in my day to day tasks, I was able to apply much of what I learned from classes when job hunting. The wide variety of topics I covered during my time with the department has provided me with the knowledge to have intelligent conversations with professionals of many backgrounds, building stronger connection to individuals, which helps tremendously when interviewing and networking. Also, being exposed to many topics has allowed me to narrow down a career path that matches my strengths and interests. 
Annie Williams ’19
B.S. in Economics with Finance Applications

SMU Department of Economics challenged me to become a better student and I learned real life applications that prepared me for immense opportunities for post graduate careers. 
Brooks Elias ’19
B.S. in Economics with Finance Applications

I really appreciate all of the dedicated Economics Department faculty and staff for putting in their time and effort to make me the most successful person I could become. In and out of the classroom, I enjoyed my four years at SMU. Pony up!