Why Study Here?

The SMU Department of Economics is highly ranked among economics departments in the United States and offers comprehensive coverage of the major fields in modern economics.

The undergraduate program emphasizes rigorous education in modern methods of economic analysis. It is the most popular undergraduate major in Dedman College and the second largest major in the university. The Ph.D. program in Economics is over 55 years old and the first established at the university. The Ph.D. and Master’s programs have strong national reputations and excellent placement records in both academic and non-academic positions.

Internationally Recognized Faculty event group faculty photo

Internationally Recognized Faculty

Economics Department faculty continue to be engaged in cutting-edge research raising the global reputation of SMU.
Internship and Job Opportunities girl in class taking notes

Internship and Job Opportunities

Economics majors regularly secure internships and jobs with outstanding employers that put them on a successful career path.
Diverse Coursework books on a shelf

Diverse Coursework

Courses cover virtually all the peoples of the world and address important contemporary global issues.