BBA Scholarships

In addition to the merit scholarships available through the SMU Scholarship and Financial Aid office, the Cox School has a limited number of scholarships available for undergraduate business majors.

First-Year Scholarships

Any available first-year business scholarships will be limited to BBA Scholars and awarded prior to their enrollment at SMU. These scholarships are normally renewable for up to four years, provided the recipient maintains a 3.00 GPA and a business major.

To be considered for these scholarships, applicants must have listed a business major as their first academic interest on the SMU application for admission, and must be selected for the BBA Scholars Program. The BBA scholarships are in addition to SMU merit scholarships. 

Junior/Senior Business Scholarships

Additional scholarships may also be available for upper-class BBA students. These scholarships have a variety of donor-specified criteria which may include grade point average, major, career interest, volunteer work, community service, and/or hometown. Applications for scholarships are emailed to Cox students at the beginning of each spring semester and will be awarded for the following academic year.

For more information regarding financial assistance outside of Cox, please visit with your Financial Aid Advisor (assigned to you alphabetically by your last name) on the first floor of the Laura Lee Blanton Building.