Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in SMU study abroad programs and still graduate on time?

Yes. You should consult with a BBA academic advisor a semester or two in advance of when you plan to study abroad. There are prerequisites for business courses abroad, but with careful planning many BBA students go abroad for a summer, semester, or even full year.

Can I take ACCT 2301 during my first year at SMU?

Due to the prerequisites for this course (ECO 1311, ECO 1312 & MATH 1309/1337), it is unlikely that students will enroll ACCT 2301 during their first year. 

Can I talk with a Cox School advisor before my admission to business school?

Pre-major students with an interest in business are encouraged to work closely with their assigned academic advisor in the University Advising Center. He or she will work with you to ensure progression through the business subset and assist you with major declaration.  We look forward to working with you when you officially declare into Cox.

Can I transfer in a subset course?

Once a student has matriculated, all subset courses must be taken at SMU.

Does the Cox School offer a major in International Business?

No. However, students who are interested in international business may declare a general business major and take the international business courses offered by the Cox School. We encourage those students to declare a minor (or double major) in a second language, international studies, or specific regional area such as Latin American or Asian studies. Participation in one of SMU's study-abroad programs would be extremely beneficial to a student interested in pursuing a career in international business.

If I have not completed my subset can I take upper level business courses?

No. Only students who are officially in Cox can take upper-division business courses.

Is a specific math course required for admission to the Cox School?

Yes. We require students to successfully complete MATH 1309: Business Calculus or MATH 1337: Calculus I prior to admission to the Cox School as part of the business subset. Calculus helps prepare students for the more quantitative business school courses.

Is there a minor in business?

Yes, Cox offers both a minor in business administration and a minor in business. 

What can I do if I want to enroll in a class that is closed or restricted?

Due to the great demand for Cox courses, seats in Cox courses fill up quickly. If the course you want to take is full, you should work with your academic advisor to explore other options that are available to you.

What do I need in order to declare a major in the Cox School?

Please see our page on BBA admissions.

What happens if I do not meet the admission requirements after completing ACCT 2301?

For students who matriculated prior to Fall 2016, if you do not earn a 3.30 GPA on the six-course subset, you may take ACCT 2302 and have that calculated into an extended subset GPA. If you earn a 3.30 GPA on the extended subset while maintaining at least a 3.30 all-college GPA, you will be admitted to the business school.

For students who matriculated Fall 2016 or later and do not have a 3.50 all-college GPA after completing ACCT 2301, you may take ACCT 2302 for the extended subset. Your all-college GPA will be recalculated upon completion of ACCT 2302 and if you earn a 3.50 all-college GPA at this time, you will be admitted to the business school. 

Detailed information about Cox admission requirements and the extended subset option can be found in the undergraduate catalog.