BBA Organizations





ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America) is a professional business organization which provides a distinct nurturing and cultural environment where students interact with individuals from local and national chapters. Students are provided guidance and mentoring from professionals through activities planned in a variety of venues. Open to all majors.

Steve Denson, Faculty Advisor,

Jennifer Malone, Staff Advisor 

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is a national professional business fraternity. AKPsi seeks to bring business students together through social events, speakers and programs.

Steve Denson, Faculty Advisor


Ascend is a chartered professional organization dedicated to provide students networking opportunities with business leaders and the Pan-Asian community. The SMU chapter is the first nationally affiliated undergraduate student chapter in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Steve Denson, Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Malone, Staff Advisor

Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is the National Honorary Society for graduate and undergraduate business majors. Membership eligibility is determined by class rank; the top ten percent of Cox’s junior class and the top ten percent of the senior class will be invited to join. Students who qualify for admission and accept this invitation to join BGS are invited and publicly recognized in the spring semester.

Jim Bryan, Faculty Advisor 

Boulevard Investment Group

The Boulevard Investment Group is a nonprofit organization that aims to teach motivated underclassmen students about investing and financial analysis. The group makes real investments in the stock market and donates the investment profits to SMU Cox in the form of scholarships – directly benefiting our school. BIG recruits a new analyst class each September,and has a wide network of alumni in the financial community in Dallas and beyond.

Josh Hascall, President

Cox Mentoring Alliance

The Cox Mentoring Alliance is a corporate mentoring program for Cox undergraduates and is open to all junior and senior business majors.

Brandy Dalton, Advisor

Laurie Barbosa, Advisor 

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is the largest professional business fraternity on campus with over 100 brothers. Through professional, social, and community service events brothers are prepared for life post college. Membership consists of men and women from around the world. Please visit our website and come out to our rush events in the early fall and spring.

Constantine Catranis, President 

BBA Energy Club

The BBA Energy Club is a school-chartered club that focuses on the oil and gas industry both in the local area and the international arena. Our activities range from company visits, guest speakers, to research projects. We are sponsored by the Maguire Energy Institute at Cox. The club gives students a first-hand look at the energy business through the eyes of established CEOs and other people actively working in the energy business.

 Bruce Bullock, Faculty Advisor
 Entrepreneurship Club

The SMU Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club is an undergraduate student organization that strives to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit among undergraduate students across campus and educate them on entrepreneurial business.
Nancy Hong, Staff Advisor
Undergraduate Finance Club The SMU Undergraduate Finance Club is open to all students interested in investing or finance.  Don Shelly, Faculty Advisor
 Marketing Club The Marketing Club broadens students’ knowledge of marketing and careers available in the field of marketing. The Marketing Club is open is Marketing majors as well as other undergraduate students interested in the field of marketing.   Brandy Dalton, Advisor 
 NABA NABA is a professional business organization offering members opportunity for development in leadership, interpersonal and soft skills; applying for local and national scholarships, etc. The organization provides networking opportunities where students interact with a variety of individuals in upper management. Open to all majors.  Steve Denson, Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Malone, Staff Advisor 
 Undergraduate Real Estate Club The Real Estate Finance Club is an undergraduate student organization is open to all students interested in Real Estate Finance. Joseph Cahoon, Faculty Advisor 
 Retailing/E-tailing Club The Retail Club is an undergraduate student organization that strives to enhance the retail knowledge of SMU students and our community. We regularly attend fashion and retail events in the Dallas area as well as host events of our own. This organization is currently not active.   Ed Fox, Advisor
 BBA Women in Business The BBA Women in Business Club is a professional business organization open to all students that connects undergraduates with women professionals in a broad array of fields. Our mission is to support undergraduates, especially women, by providing access to female mentorship, creating networking opportunities, and offering career development strategies and tools through our events and workshops. Brandy Dalton, Advisor