We’ve made it free and easy to apply to the MSRE program – and SMU Cox employs rolling admissions, so you’ll know whether you’ve been accepted within a few weeks of submitting your application.

Applying for the Cox MSRE

We’ve made it free and easy to apply to the MSRE program – and SMU Cox employs rolling admissions, so you’ll know whether you’ve been accepted within a few weeks of submitting your application. You can find all the information you need to get started below.

Your admission process begins with a submitted online application, followed by an opportunity to complete an admission interview over Zoom with a member of our admissions committee.

While your application and interview are very important to us, it’s equally important that we get to know you and your goals so we can ensure the program is a good fit. We encourage you to connect one-on-one with an admissions advisor early in your consideration process, and attend an admissions event or arrange to visit a class to experience the SMU Cox difference for yourself. Connections matter – starting now.

The SMU Cox Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) is an Early Action 4+1 program. Meeting certain criteria, Cox undergraduates can supplement their business education by joining the MSRE program immediately after graduation. The 4+1 program comes with a guaranteed scholarship. Ask us how!

Admissions Criteria

MS Real Estate Prerequisites

We welcome applicants from all majors to apply; to be prepared for the program, the student ideally has a background knowledge and demonstrated success in Accounting and Finance at the undergraduate level. However, if you have not taken these courses, or have only taken one, you can still be admitted to MSRE.

You will be required to take the courses you need in the summer before the program begins in the fall to prepare you fully for entry. Summer prerequisite courses are offered online and in the evenings at SMU Cox.

Summer Prerequisite Course Details

SMU Cox would like to ensure that students are academically prepared for the start of the MSRE program. Successful completion of an undergraduate level course in Finance and Accounting is essential for academic preparedness. We are looking for evidence of completion and success (grade of B or better) in courses similar to SMU Cox’s Financial Accounting, and Finance Concepts /Intro to Finance. If you are not sure if a course you have taken will satisfy the background requirement – please feel free to list the grade on your application, and our review team will reach out to you with any questions, or will ask for clarification.

SMU Cox offers both the Accounting and Finance background courses online, in the evenings, starting in the summer term. Students can be admitted to MSRE without finance or accounting, and will be required to take these two classes before the fall semester begins.

What You Need to Apply

All Applicants students will need these items to complete an online application:

  • Current resume
  • Written essays
  • Unofficial transcripts or degree progress reports
    • Degree progress reports must show cumulative GPA and grades for each course taken
    • Official transcripts from any university or college where a student earned 12 or more credit hours are required after a student is offered admission
  • Two references
    • Name and contact information only
    • Recommendation letters are not required
  • Optional: Unofficial GMAT or GRE score report

International Students have the additional option to submit a TOEFL/IELTS score as a part of their application. This testing component is not a requirement. For applicants without a test score, we will assess the application based on a holistic review process that takes all your application components into consideration.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines for the MSRE program are below. For any questions about Fall 2024 admission, please email to connect with a member of the admission team.

Deadlines for 2024 - 2025 Entry
Round  Application Due
 (11:59pm CST day of deadline)
1*  October 10, 2023
2*  January 9, 2024
3  March 5, 2024
4  April 30, 2024


May 28, 2024
 Rolling Admissions based on availability after April 30, 2024

*Priority deadline for scholarships and fellowships

Tuition & Financing

We understand that financing your degree is a part of your decision-making. The Cox MSRE program has a limited number of merit-based scholarships available. All candidates are automatically considered for these scholarships, and are not required to submit a separate application. These scholarships are based on academic performance and GMAT/GRE scores.

A graduate education is one of the most important investments you'll ever make, and it's likely to produce one of your biggest ROIs — you won't just boost your career and earning potential, but you'll reap personal gains, too. If you need additional funding, you'll find that a variety of loan and private scholarship opportunities are available. 

Admitted MSRE students will be connected with the SMU Graduate Financial Aid Office to learn more about the financial aid process and resources specific to graduate students.

Your MSRE Costs

Investing in a graduate degree - a Master's level education - is an investment in yourself that yields an incredible return. Beyond the coursework, the network and support at SMU Cox catapult your career trajectory. This is understandably a big financial decision, so if you need additional funding, you'll find that a variety of loan and private scholarship opportunities are available. See below for the program's estimates (be sure to also check current tuition rates to the Bursar's website as we plan ahead for future entry terms).

Estimated Annual Tuition & Fees:

31 Credit Hours
35 Credit Hours
University and Program Fees
 Health Center Fee
 $300  $300
International Student Orientation Fee*
 $100  $100
International Student Fee*
 $200 $200


Estimated Living Expenses*:

Housing $20,055
Books and Supplies
Misc. Expenses (health ins., etc.)

*This fee may not apply to all students and depends on international student status.

**This estimated total is based on a 9-month school year for the 2024-25 academic year. The cost may be more or less depending on the student's lifestyle, whether the student lives on-campus or off-campus and whether any family members accompany the student. If family members accompany the student, add $8,600 if 1 dependent (spouse or child) and $4,300 for each dependent after 1.


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