M.S. in Management Curriculum

The curriculum of the Master of Science in Management program is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of business along with the budgeting, management, marketing, financial, and strategic planning tools needed to assume leadership positions. Students will take a total of 32 credit hours in this one-year lock-step program.

Curriculum (As of Fall 2023 Entry)
Total Credit Hours: 32
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Term 1 - Fall Credit Hours: 18

Fall Module A Courses
Financial Accounting I
Business Communications and Presentations
Data Analytics
Organizational Behavior: Managing & Leading People
Managing Your Career
Fall Module B Courses
Managerial Finance
Management Decision Analysis
Data Analytics (continued)
Managerial Economics
Complex Problem Solving

Term 2 - Spring Credit Hours: 14

Spring Module A Courses
Financial Accounting II or Managerial Accounting
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Management in Action Project
Spring Module B Courses

Leading Teams and Organizations
Management in Action Project (continued)
Strategic Management
One Elective

Credit Hours in Full-Time MS in Management Program Summary

  • 30 credit hours of required courses
  • 2 credit hours of elective courses