How to Choose a Top-Ranked Online MBA in Dallas-Ft. Worth

Students who live and work in Dallas-Ft. Worth can benefit from the SMU Cox Online MBA.

The Dallas, Texas skyline at sunset

This blog post was originally published in January 2021, and was revised in June 2023.

With links to so many strong industries, Dallas is one of the best cities in the U.S. for your career in business. And pursuing an online master of business administration degree can help you take advantage of the many options in the thriving sectors of this energetic city.

The Dallas-Ft. Worth area boasts many top-performing business sectors including technology, energy, financial services, healthcare, insurance, construction, and defense. The city has long had steady employment growth, averaging 2.2 percent between 1990 and 2017. Its relatively low cost of living and thriving culture have made it a hotspot for young professionals and entrepreneurs. For the last several years, the Dallas-Fort Worth area ranked first in job creation in the nation. Despite the impact of the pandemic, Dallas has seen a positive turn in employment trends, and continues to be a great place to build a career.

In the online master of business administration program at SMU Cox, online MBA students leverage all the advantages of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with the flexible schedule that ensures you can keep up the fast pace of your life and career.

SMU Cox: An Online MBA Degree Program in Dallas-Fort Worth

Choosing the right degree program is key to your success. The program should fit your life and match your goals. Your online MBA should provide the coursework and flexibility you need to attract top employers in Dallas and Fort Worth. Your business school should provide support and help launch you into a new career path.

Here are some of the factors to consider when you’re looking for an MBA degree platform in DFW:

  • How do DFW-area companies regard the business school? Do they regularly hire graduates with a business degree from this university?
  • How well is the MBA program regarded in Texas? Will this master’s degree allow graduates to get jobs across the state and beyond?
  • How comprehensive and innovative is the curriculum?
  • Does the MBA program provide experiential learning options to prepare students for real-world situations?
  • Does the MBA degree program include in-person immersion sessions or virtual immersions with global business leaders?

An MBA from SMU Cox can open doors, no matter where your career takes you. You might find a great job in DFW or work remotely with an employer across the country or around the globe.

When you choose SMU Cox for your online MBA, you increase your earning potential. You benefit from a course of study that gives you a comprehensive education in business administration. You become part of a highly-ranked MBA alumni network. You’ll join a cohort of successful professionals like yourself, and you’ll get to study with world-renowned SMU Cox faculty.

Career Options for an MBA Graduate in Dallas-Ft. Worth

If you’re concerned about getting an online MBA rather than enrolling in a residential MBA program, there’s no need to be. Online MBA programs, particularly from prestigious institutions like SMU Cox, have tremendous power to improve your job prospects and employers increasingly recognize the tremendous value of training in an online MBA program. In fact, since the emergence of COVID-19, getting an MBA online has only increased in popularity.

ZipRecruiter’s job listings for people with an MBA degree include Business Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, Vice President of Employer Development, and Director of Business Development. There are job openings for MBA graduates at some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s most sought-after companies, including Oracle, Health Management Systems, CoreLogic, JDI Logistics, Anthem, and Verizon.

When you get your online MBA degree from SMU Cox, you also get access to the Cox School Career Management Center (CMC). The CMC offers in-person and online services to every Online MBA student. Get help mapping a path to the career of your dreams, receive coaching to market yourself to potential employers, and get tips to interview like a pro and negotiate the best possible salary.

Your MBA is an investment in your career. A study featured in The Wall Street Journal found that many MBA graduates doubled their salaries after graduation. The increased earning potential will pay back the cost of tuition over the course of your career.

The industries where an MBA degree will give you the biggest earnings boost include tech, ecommerce, private equity, investment management, the food and beverage industry, and consulting.

Top Jobs for MBAs in Dallas-Fort Worth

The Online MBA at the SMU Cox School of Business is designed to transform students into business leaders. In our globalized economy, the world is at your fingertips—right here in DFW. Your MBA degree will give you more career options and higher earning potential. With the Online MBA, you do not have to leave your current job or relocate to access SMU Cox faculty and the extensive corporate partnerships with some of the leading companies in the world.

The DFW Metroplex is one of the 10 biggest metropolitan areas in the United States. There are countless opportunities across industries in this geographic area for an MBA graduate. Some of Dallas’ most prominent industries are business and financial services, and the defense and security sectors. Business and financial services accounted for about 14 percent of the city’s employment in 2017. Dallas’ largest employers include banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America.

Insurance is also a large and fast-growing field in Dallas, considering that Liberty Mutual Insurance and State Farm Insurance have consolidated their operations into the area and are hiring those with business degrees.

Dallas is also emerging as a prominent hub for technology companies. The tech and telecommunications sector in the area include employers such as Texas Instruments and AT&T. These industries employed about 8 percent of the Dallas metro area’s workforce in 2017.

Benefits of Getting an Online MBA from SMU Cox

Your current work experience and your bachelor’s degree may leave you uncertain about your future career options. At a time when many traditional MBA programs without an online option have had to scramble to move their courses online because of the pandemic, the best MBA programs designed to be taught online have a head start. They have already figured out the most effective ways to engage with remote students.

At SMU Cox, the Online MBA curriculum will include topics such as management, data analysis, accounting, marketing, and finance. You will gain hands-on experience solving real business problems, in addition to understanding supply chains, global business strategy, and strategic management.

SMU Cox boasts a tremendous online faculty. Professor Michael Davis has found major advantages to teaching in an online format, including the ability to replay lectures. Another benefit of choosing an online MBA program is flexibility. Students are able to continue work while getting an MBA degree, and apply curriculum learnings to their current job.

The value of your MBA investment is greater when you choose a top business school like the SMU Cox School of Business. Going to a top university is a financial investment. However, local employers, including Raytheon, Altria, and Nokia, have tuition reimbursement programs. The Cox School of Business also offers merit-based scholarships to students in its Online MBA program. Furthermore, veterans can take advantage of military benefits and the Yellow Ribbon Program.

An MBA degree from SMU Cox School of Business can accelerate your business career and set you on a more exciting and rewarding career path. Apply now.