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The Future of Business Education at SMU

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At SMU Cox, we believe in standing out. Our online MBA programs are designed for driven professionals like you, seeking to leverage technical skills, leadership best practices, and network connections to gain a competitive edge in the workforce and level up in your career. The SMU Cox Advantage enables students to solve complex business problems through hands-on learning, connect to the Dallas business community, foster global perspectives, and build meaningful relationships. As a graduate of our online MBA programs, you will be able to:

  • Analyze and interpret data to inform your business decisions
  • Draw on behavioral frameworks to manage and lead strategic, diverse, and results-driven teams
  • Guide your organization through strategic, operational, and financial challenges
  • Leverage global and domestic immersive experiences to gain practice solving clients’ real-world complex business challenges

Explore the benefits of our immersive online MBA programs and the SMU Cox Advantage below.

A group of SMU Cox MBA students pose outside in front of Stonehenge

Grow Globally with SMU Cox

Becoming a world changer requires an understanding of your industry on a global scale. Our Online MBA and MBA Direct programs provide experienced and emerging leaders the unique opportunity to study from anywhere in the world and connect with peers, professors, and alumni who are similarly dispersed.

Expand your worldview and understanding of global business problems and solutions through the live lectures, simulations, group projects, and networking events that are inherent to our MBA programs. Travel to commerce hubs around the world through our international immersion experiences, where you will take on real-world corporate obstacles and work in teams to come up with solutions to complex business challenges.

A group of four SMU Cox Online MBA students and faculty wearing professional clothing pose in front of trees outside

Improve Your Network Potential

Connect to a network that supports your career goals when you join the SMU Cox community. Current students and graduates of our Online MBA and MBA Direct programs gain access to the SMU Cox alumni network. Our global community is deep and loyal—Cox alums share a strong commitment to supporting and connecting each other.

Online MBA and MBA Direct students also benefit from our Career Management Center (CMC) Services, including career mapping, resume review and writing, interview prep, and salary negotiation guidance. You’ll have the option to attend CMC sponsored workshops, company information sessions, and networking events.

The Dallas skyline at sunset

Expand Your Horizons in Dallas

There’s no place like home, especially when home is in the heart of Dallas. SMU Cox is centrally located in Dallas, Texas, a world center for commerce and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Students in our online MBA programs reap the rewards of Dallas from anywhere in the world thanks to our speaker series and networking events that connect students to local business leaders.

As an online MBA student, you have access to our campus facilities and are invited to join us on grounds for events or resources. Take advantage of our integration with the Dallas business community, and connect to experiential projects, mentorship, and employment opportunities in our backyard and beyond.

An SMU Cox Online MBA student sits in front of multiple computer screens and analyzing the data and charts on them

Engage in Project-Based Learning

Harness the rigor and interactive nature of the SMU Cox curriculum from wherever life takes you with our online MBA programs. Experiential learning, along with leadership and analytics, is a foundational pillar of our online MBA programs and is integral to your success as an MBA candidate and business leader.

Whether it is a simulation, a consultative experience, or a real-life business case, in experiential learning scenarios, you will be thrust into an environment where the challenges facing the business are ambiguous and unstructured, and the outcomes are based upon real circumstances. Through weekly live lectures, assignments, and hands-on projects, our online MBA program curriculum will reinforce the application and practice of course concepts so that you can adapt to real-world obstacles.