Foundational Pillars

We built the SMU Cox online MBA programs upon three foundational pillars that serve as both the ground on which we stand and the stars to which we strive.

SMU Cox Foundational Pillars

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Business leadership

At Cox, we know what it takes to become a well-rounded business leader. From managing cross-functional teams to thinking innovatively, you will hone your business leadership skills for the changing world of work.

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Business analytics

Data analytics now has a bigger impact on business than ever before. As an Online MBA candidate you will learn data analytics skills and how to clearly communicate findings to colleagues and management, no matter the industry.

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Experiential Learning

You will gain hands-on experience by examining the challenges of real companies and applying your own solutions. Our model of experiential learning provides the framework to keep building on the knowledge and skills you acquire over the course of the program.

A SMU Cox Online MBA faculty member stands next to a commemorative statue


We prepare our students to become well-rounded business leaders: innovative, entrepreneurial, analytically-skilled, and able to leverage technology in a global setting to solve complex business issues.

Rows of MBA students sit at computers and analyze charts and data appearing on their screens


Our faculty take a holistic approach to analytics. You’ll learn how to analyze, interpret and extract key insights from data so you can take decisive action and effectively communicate the big picture.

A group of online MBA students wearing professional attire stand in a circle listening to a host at an art gallery

Experiential learning

We provide you with opportunities to engage with real world business challenges. Building on your classroom experience, you will be able to put what you’ve learned one day into practice the next.