Learn by doing so you can talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Learn by Doing with Experiential Learning

Through experiential learning, you will have the opportunity to confront and tackle real-world business challenges and apply what you’ve learned throughout your coursework. This link from theory to application gives you the ability to transition seamlessly from classroom to boardroom with the tools you’ll need to lead in today’s tumultuous business climate.

What Is Experiential Learning?

Whether it is a simulation, a consultative experience, or a real-life business case, in experiential learning scenarios, you will be thrust into an environment where the challenges facing the business are ambiguous and unstructured, and the outcomes are based upon real circumstances.

You will work across disciplines and tools to understand the nature of the challenge, and how to respond to either protect the company, exploit the opportunity, enhance the strategy, learn from a mistake and iterate, or recover from failure.

Most scenarios will be approached in teams, which will help you gain additional insight and enhanced soft skills that will be critical to your personal future success.

An SMU Cox Online MBA student listens to a lecture

"I’ve learned more in a single semester than in my entire undergraduate experience. Undergrad was theoretical and difficult to see how what we learned might be applied. Now, I’m learning and doing. Especially about managing and leading people, what I learn I can immediately bring to my job and apply it in the real world."

Salman Hasan, MBA 2021